Fuschia Natural Handmade Soap in Sandal Review

Hey everyone,
Hope you all are enjoying your lazy Sunday.Lately I have received so many soaps from different brands that I am become the soap queen now.. Lol...  Today I shall be reviewing the Fuschia Natural  Handmade soap in Sandal. I love the earthy smell of Sandalwood and what could be better than having its goodness in a soap. Read on to know my experience of the same...

Price: Rs.225/- for 100g

Availability: on Flipkart and Snapdeal

What the brand says:

  • Purely natural,
  • Handmade glycerine Soaps
  • 100% Vegetarian (not for edible use)
  • 1 soap bar is Approx 100 gms

Fuschia is range of Handmade Natural Glycerine based Soaps available in 3 Categories. 
1. Classic Glycerine
2. Herbal Soaps
3. Designer Glycerine

The soap comes wrapped in a clean film and with an outer covering of a luxurious gold paper. The soap is visible from the side. There is no  mention of ingredients or any basic information on the packaging apart from the price. Overall decent packaging for the price.

The soap is light orangish pink color and is semi transparent. It is square shaped and does not have any logo on any imprint. It is just a plain soap nothing fancy. The soap smells like sandalwood but a much milder fragrance. I wish they improve on the fragrance for me personally I would like it  a bit more stronger. Since it is glycerine based it does not lather like normal cream based soaps but decent enough. One soap easily lasts you 7 to 10 days if used once in a day. The soap since quite mild the smell does not last long but the good thing is post bath I never felt my skin became dry. It is hydrating but not extremely moisturizing. Glycerine is good for all skin types - the only problem is that this soap in winter may not help dry skin beauties. Overall this soap is really good also it is free of chemicals and 100% vegetarian.

The Good:
Easily available online.
Contains glycerin which is good for the skin.
Cruelty free.
100% vegetarian.
Smells tangy and good for humid weather.
Cleanses the skin.
Does not dry the skin.

The not so Good
Does not lather extremely well as glycerin based.
Extremely dry skinned beauties may not find it moisturizing enough
Wish the scent is a bit more stronger

Rating: 4/5

Fuschia Natural Handmade Soap in Sandal is a mild and gentle soap which does not dry the skin. This soap is perfect for all skim types though those with extremely dry skin may need something more moisturizing.It is cruelty free plus devoid of chemicals hence a must try for all.

I hope this review was informative and helpful to all. Please leave your comments below and new bloggers/visitors may leave their blog link for me to check out.

Until next time.. Have a great Sunday evening xoxo

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  1. I wish it was a bit more moisturizing. I love sandalwood fragrance..but if the staying power was better it would have been nice. Love your straight forward honest reviews always

  2. Looks decent but no mention about ingredients is a turn off :/
    Nicely reviewed Girl
    Happy weekend!

  3. Am loving ur soap reviews. .u r tempting me to try new soaps..

  4. Great soaps you been getting nice review.

  5. Looks very great, specially I like that it doesnt dry the skin!
    Thanks for share


  6. I love your soap reviews. I wish the ingredients were listed though.

  7. seems like this one is not for me, lovely review Nats :)

  8. The scent is what is attracting me. And that its also moisturising is another too.

  9. I love to use sandal products.

  10. I have never tried it...but i would love to :)

  11. Nats...the soap queen!! :p Hahaha...as much as I love the sandalwood smell, babe, I wont be able to use it because I have got chronic dry skin. What I usually do to these kind of soaps is add a bit of glycerin, and make it into a liquid soap!! Trust me, it's so much better that way.


  12. I love handmade soaps. They are extremely gentle on the skin. Lovely pics dear :)


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