Audrey's Face Pack Brush Review

Hey everyone,
Today I shall be reviewing a face pack brush which is one of the best and affordable in my opinion in India. I am talking about the Audrey's Face Pack Brush. Now I do have another face pack brush but that was not branded so I wanted something which was affordable and picked this one up because of its affordability. Today I shall tell you  my thoughts on it, Read on to know more...

Price: Rs.140/- Available on Flipkart and Amazon

The brushes comes in a plastic packaging which makes sure the brush inside remains intact and they do not get here and there. The handle of the brush is black in color and the front part is golden in color. The bristles are white and brown at the tip. This brush can be easily travelled with but I suggest to not throw away the packaging as it is handy while travelling.

Audrey's brushes were the cheapest when they launched but they too have increased their prices quite a lot. I mean I had got this brush for 100 bucks and now it is sold for 140 bucks.. Duhhh.. This is the sad story in India. Abroad the brushes are so damn cheap and every brand makes them. Well in India it is a different story altogether. 

This  brush would help in easy application of face pack also I have used it for foundation and it works well. I mean you could use this and then use a stipple or buffing brush to get it into the skin but since I do not have both I do use this same brush to blend it on my face and it does a decent job. Anyways coming to my brush review the bristles are super duper soft. They are made of a man made fibre called Taklon. The brush can be easily washed with any mild soap, shampoo or make up brush cleaner. Till today it has not shed even a single hair hence I think this brush is totally worth it and I love it a lot.

The Good:
Easily available even online.
Affordable and inexpensive.
Long and sturdy handle. 
Bristles are super soft - made of Taklon.
Can be used for face pack and foundation too.
Does not shed any hair.
Can be cleaned easily.
Travel friendly.

The not so Good:
Can't think of any.

Rating: 5/5

Audrey's Face Pack Brush is the most inexpensive and affordable face pack brush which doubles up as a foundation brush as well. I think for the price it is a must buy and hence I recommend it to everyone.

I hope this review was helpful and informative. Please leave a comment below and your blog links if you are visiting here for the first time.

Until next time.. Take care xoxo


  1. Awesome Nats..I use a Faces dual ended foundation & concealer brush. This seems to be very good. I never use brushes to apply face packs.

  2. I like that is two tone and flat perfect makeup brush.

  3. Bristles are looking good. Shall try it out :)

  4. 5/5 that makes it look awesome.
    Nice review :)

  5. I love this brand brushes Nice review dear <3

  6. I need this brush, it looks so professional!!!!

    Have a lovely day doll!


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  7. Lovely Review dear! This really sounds like a great brush nd it so very affordable too :)

  8. such a pretty brush ! very well reviewed dear


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