Oriflame's - The ONE IlluSkin Concealers Review and Swatches

Hey everyone,
As all of you may have known by now that Oriflame did introduce an entire new range of make up - The One of which I have already reviewed the eye liner in black and the mascara. Today I shall be talking about  Oriflame's - The ONE IlluSkin Concealers in my post with swatches of all the three shades and my experience using them. Read on to know more...


Price: Rs. 349/- for 10 ml and available on discount for Rs.259/- here

What does Oriflame say about the concealer:
Conceals and brightens dark areas on face including under eyes and reduces look of eye puffiness.

Oriflame's the One collection range of make up is divided into 3 categories:
  • Everyday Beauty
  • High Impact 
  • Long Wear

The concealer comes in a cardboard box packaging. The body is transparent and hence the shade is easily understood from the outside without having to actual swatch. It has a purple band indicating that it is a part of the Everyday beauty collection of make up. It has a pointed tip which helps in getting just the right amount on your finger tips for application. The tip can get a bit messy a bit as the product accumulates there. I wipe it off with a tissue. However it is travel friendly and can be easily carried in your make up pouches while travelling.

The concealer comes in 3 different shades:
  • Fair Light
  • Nude Pink
  • Nude Biege

My experience of this concealer has been very good I like the formula of these concealers - they are very creamy. The consistency is not too thick nor too thin just perfect for me. They also do not give a greasy feeling to the eye lids.I have used the Oriflame concealer before and loved it for the formula but it did not do much for my dark circles as they are terrible and require an orange corrector before applying the concealer. 

In my experience it covers the pigmentation and under eye dark circles to a large extent. I use it as an eye shadow primer and it makes my eye shadow last all day which is vow!! It also does a good job of covering the redness around the nose and any pigmentation around the mouth.. In the pictures I have used the concealer in Nude Biege and you can see the difference. Oriflame has good a fab job on this concealer and is my current favourite

The Good:
Easily available through an Oriflame representative.
Beautiful and cute packaging.
Pointed tips helps get the desired amount of concealer for application.
Covers pigmentation on eye lids well.
Does a decent job of covering dark circles, redness and pigmentation.
Can be used as a highligting concealer too.
Travel friendly.

The not so Good:
Product accumulates on the pointed tip.
Contains parabens

Rating :4.5/5

Oriflame's - The ONE IlluSkin Concealers are amazing for the price and do a great job of concealing dark circles, redness and pigmentation on the skin. It can be easily be purchased from any Oriflame representative. Hence I recommend this product to everyone - a must try for the formula.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post was informative to all those reading. Please leave a comment as to what you have to say and new visitors may leave their blog links for me to check out.

Until next time.. Stay beautiful xoxo

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  1. love the way it got blended on your skin :)

  2. Great Review and pictures and sounds good too Nats :D

  3. It looks like it cover very well to bad it contain parabans but it does the job. Impressive tutorial.

  4. One of the must product for me. That not sleeping enough and dark circles is still a major thing for me. I favor the pointed tip, no wastage and to get the right amount out.

  5. This sounds like a promising concealer. I like the tube packaging.

  6. Wowwww
    Sounds great sweet Nats
    I really like this concealers.
    Maggie D.
    <a href="http://www.indiansavage.com”> Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion Blog </a>

  7. its good, better than the earlier version.
    nicely reviewed :)

  8. I am not into makeup much and never used a concealer. I think it is a good option to start with.

  9. Like how it has great coverage but I would not be happy putting paraban anywhere near my eyes 😪 I have very sensitive eyes
    Great tutorial

  10. WOW! This seems to be a wonderful option for a concealer specially with the under eye area... Now lemme just find out a oriflame consultant near me and get my hands on this one till its on offer :-)

  11. This sounds fab. I need to search for an oriflame rep!

  12. Whoa, thats some magic! I love how concealers do a great job at all the imperfections. My current favourite is Oriflame studio artist! :D but now I'll try this one too for sure.

  13. Hey nice review and product of oriflame! I use conceler because of my dark pathches on skin.I purchased Inglot concealer online from majorbrands.in.
    Inglot is also a nice brand. I refer you this site : http://www.majorbrands.in/brand/cl_2-c_2695/cosmetics/face-and-body/concealer.html

  14. is there any shade good for Dark skins..?

    1. Unfortunately NO these r the only shades available


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