Martrikas Notebooks Review

Hey everyone,
Hope you all had a great weekend. Most people in India would be busy shopping as Diwali is approaching near. Although we do not celebrate Diwali but we cleaned the whole house which was so tiring especially of your house is big. Anyways coming to today's review I shall be talking about Matrikas Notebooks. I was excited to receive 3 notebooks from their end all which I absolutely love being a writter/blogger myself. I do have my own diary where I do pen down my thoughts so I was more than happy to receive these in my mail.

The notebooks came at my doorstep so neatly and securely packaged in a box. Each notebook is sealed with a clean film in order to avoid any scratches which is like vow!! I love neatly packaged things as I do take good care of my diaries and journals and often use a plastic cover for them.

Some days ago I was wondering to purchase a diary from the local shop that is when I got these products sent. I would say a blessing for me.I do pen down my thoughts in a diary whenever I feel sad or happy. As much as you may have all the latest gadgets nothing can beat the joy of writing in a diary/journal. It is like that one best friend of yours who will listen everything to you just like a mirror and never reply back ^_^ When I write my diary I feel at peace. What about you guys?

I received 3 notebooks:
1. Matrikas Cube Works Ring Book:
Size: A5  Pages: 160
Price: Rs. 110/-
This notebook's cover is pink in color with all black imprints on it denoting everyday life activities. This will be my favourite one to carry in my bag because as a blogger I attend many events and I can ask people to write down their details in this book ☺☺ The quality of the cover is nice and not flimsy at all unlike some other diaries I have used.

2. Matrikas Cue Works Privy Notebook (Journal)
Pages :256 Available here 
Price: Rs.450/-
I love this one. It is green in color and has a green band to keep it secure. Hence you can keep few papers in it too as they would not fall out due to the band. This one is ideal for keeping a tab of your daily activities. It has the following options:

  • Personal data
  • Index pages
  • Ruled Pages
  • Action Plan
  • To do lists
  • Contacts
  • Account Summary
  • Safety Pouch

The Safety Pouch is my favourite as you can keep in some important business cards there. How unique ☺ I definitely will be getting good use of this journal.

3. Matrikas 6 Subject Notebook:
Size: A4  Pages: 288
Price: Rs.277/-

This is a huge notebook which says  6 subject more ideal for college and school students. I finished my college years ago.. Lol It is bifurcated into 6 sections which otherwise can be used as a diary for any lay person. I see making good use of it as my diary. The cover looks beautiful and unique in blue with printed designs on it.

The Good:
Easily available online.
Decently priced
Wide range and variety of notebooks and journals.
Something for everyone.
Shipped very securely and with utmost care.
Beautiful and catchy designs.

The not so Good:

Rating: 5/5

In conclusion I would like to say that these notebooks are superstylish and trendy and of amazing quality. I have used many notebooks and journals in the past and this one is definitely amazing for its quality. It is also decently prized and you can order them online from their website or from Amazon here For more information and updates you can follow them on Facebook here I would highly  recommend everyone to check out their notebooks, journals and diaries and there is something for everyone. 

I hope this post was informative to all those reading. Please leave a comment with your inputs and new visitors/bloggers may leave their blog link for me to check out.

Have a great week ahead xoxo

P.S: The products were sent by the PR for consideration. Honest review as always.


  1. I'm eyeing on the pink one LOL :D

  2. Very cute notepads.Makes me think about to start writing once again which I have somewhat forgotten :-)

  3. Hi sweetie
    these notebooks are amazing
    I really love them
    Maggie D.
    <a href="”> Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion Blog </a>

  4. These are really cute, who doesn't want to have these amazing notebooks!


  5. So cute notebooks!!!!
    Pink one is my fav! :D

  6. I will not mind this notebooks. Great review.

  7. These are really nice notebooks. Even though technology is so huge right now I have always preferred writing so these are great.

  8. omgosh Nats!! THe blue one is toooo cute!!!!! I am just thinking that a dress with that print would look super good, no?? :D Nowww...coming back to the review, amazing review babe!! Very unique!! <3

    And babe, what about that honey and lemon mask? Does it help in breakouts?

  9. I still use notebooks, esp to jolt down the recipes. Nice notebooks and good for organising whatever we want to.

  10. Nicely Reviewed Babe :)
    The quirky printed covers are soo cute and captivating ! ^_^ - I want ! :D

  11. Dica maravilhosa
    Canal de youtube:


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