Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti Aging Cream Review.

Hey girls,
Today I shall be reviewing an anti aging cream which is the first one I have ever used in  my whole life. I never bother so much about all these kind of products but somrwhere you need to make a start right? I got this product from  Now days women have started using anti aging products once they reach the age of 25. I do not know if that is too early as I never started then. Anyways I have tried this cream called Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti Aging Cream and I shall share my thoughts with you all today.

Ingredients and Instructions:

Price: Rs.799/- for 50gm. I got it from through from here 

Shelf life: 2 years.

About the product:
Lacto Calamine RENEU is a revolutionary age-defying solution scientifically developed by our R&D team to take care of all visible signs that remind you of your age. It's unique RENEU [Action] 3 Formula comprises of U.S Patented* ULMAe, nine natural nourishing organic extracts 7 Natural Anti Melanin (NAM).
ULMAe helps maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness, the 9 Natural Nourishing Organic Extracts hydrate the skin leaving it soft and smooth and the Natural Anti- Melanin (NAM) helps significantly to reduce skin pigmentation.

Features :
Restore skin firmness by improving the Elasticity of collagen.
Rejuvenate skin by reducing Wrinkles and Finelines.
Moisturise the skin through Super Hydration.
Lighten the skin by providing an Anti-Melanin Effect.
Maintain the pH at normal level for a healthy glowing skin.
Each pack of Lacto Calamine RENEU comes with 3 revolutionary RENEU Proof Strip. These Proof strips help measure the depth of wrinkles and finelines by capturing skin’s impression.

The cream comes in a white glass jar and a golden lid to it. It also comes with a protective cover so that the cream does not dry out. It is  placed inside a small plastic container. It also comes with proof strips which helps you check the progress on your wrinkles and fine lines. A glass jar is a headache to carry while travelling but most of these kind of creams come in glass jars only.

The cream is white in color and not very greasy and smells nice and floral. It contains the goodness of so many different kind of oils. Some may find the smell a bit weird but not that much I would say. I usually apply this cream before sleeping at night as in the day my face gets greasy. You need to cleanse your face and apply this cream massaging in circular motions. The powder applicator strips needs to be applied first and then use the reneu proof strips to notice the difference. This jar will easy last upto 2 months as you do not have to smother it but use wisely especially in areas where the wrinkles appear more. Dry skin beauties may not find it nourishing. This will work on oily to combination skin only if used at night. I noticed that my skin looks more soft, supple and nourished and fine lines have reduced a bit although I do not have major problems. But then its good that I made a start and this is worth trying once.

The Good:
Decent packaging.
Comes with all the instructions and ingredients on the pack.
Comes with a proof strip to determine the results.
Smells nice.
Nourishes the skin.
Improves fine lines and wrinkles.
Easily available online.
Decently priced.

The not so Good:
Glass jar is not travel friendly
Contains parabens.
Not meant for extremely dry skin beauties.

Rating: 4.2/5

Lacto Calamine Reneu Anti Aging Cream is a good option to try especially for those who are 25+ as it is still on the affordable criteria compared to other anti ageing creams in the market. I would recommend this product to be tried once at least.

I hope this review was helpful to everyone reading. Please leave a comment with your inputs and new bloggers may leave their blog links for me to follow.

P.S: PR Sample sent by for consideration. Honest review like always*


  1. It definitely evens out the complexion..they might have worked on the used to smell terrible before. Nice review dear

  2. Nice review dear Natasha! :)
    Thanks for sweet comment on my blog

  3. Anti aging is great for dry skin people and perks their skin detail review.

  4. Hi sweetie
    It sound great
    Very interesting cream
    Maggie D.
    <a href="”> Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion Blog </a>

  5. Great review on anti age product FYI doll my post was about men print made for women (woman clothes)

  6. Very interesting review!

  7. Another great review! Anti-aging cream is part of my day and nighttime skincare regimen. This one sounds like it's got merit. T.

  8. I have never heard of this before. I have dry skin so I don't think it would work for me!

  9. The packing is so stylish, I like the container with the gold cover. Never heard of the brand but sure, its good for fine lines.

  10. i have extremely dry skin, but it sounds like a good summer one for me

  11. Resenha maravilhosa amei o produto. Curta e siga o meu canal,
    Canal de youtube:

  12. Nice review. Good to know that you actually noticed a decrease in fine lines. Love the packaging of the product.

  13. I still haven't tried an anti aging cream! ;) xoxo

  14. seems like a perfect option for my skin type, will check it out

  15. seems like a nice product..they have worked on their packaging as well

  16. Nice review dear! :) Happy Diwali to you and your family!!!

  17. Sounds Good! Glad It Lasts Long!

  18. Sounds good, nice review. Happy Diwali to you honey :)

  19. i need to check out safetykart as i have not seen it before. this cream looks lovely

  20. Nice review Dear.. seems to be a good product..

  21. I did not knw it existed. Would love to try it out :) Lovely review dear!

  22. Nice Review Nats, According to me it is such a dud and ruined my skin last year, review pending for long time :p

  23. You did great. Such a warm feeling people will have after reading this blog. You're right that giving up isn't an option but to stand back and try is. Maintain a healthy lifestyle as a healthy lifestyle leads you to stay age reducing cream.


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