Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Body Lotion Review

Hey everyone,
How is your week going on so far? Mine is just ok feeling sick lately but then cannot relax for too long. Anyways today I shall be reviewing a body lotion I am liking at the moment called Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Body Lotion. I have 2 of these and won them in a contest held by Vivel itself on some other blogs. Since I have been using it for a while hence it was about time I shared my thought on it/ Read on to know more...

Ingredients and what the brand says:

Price: Rs. 199/- for 250 ml. You can buy it here

The Lotion comes in a tall slender plastic bottle with a pump dispenser which I absolutely love. It makes life so easy to pump the required lotion and does not create a mess. All the information including the ingredients list is printed at the back of the bottle and easy to comprehend. The lotion does not leak or create a mess hence it is travel friendly. I like the packaging and for the price is very apt.

Coming to what I think- the lotion smells lovely hard to describe the scent but smells delicious and sweet. The smell is not overpowering at all and stays on for quite sometime. The lotion is milky white in color and not greasy at all which I love. My hands are not that dry but my feet are. Hence I would say that it works well for my hands but for the legs I do need a generous amount and my legs stay hydrated for more than 3 hours. This lotion may not be meant for extremely dry skin beauties. I have oily to combination skin. This works well as a body lotion for me and for the price it is a steal. One bottle will last you a long time. I usually apply after shower and before going to bed.I definitely feel the softness in my skin after using this body lotion.

The Good:
Easily available.
Decent packaging.
Has a pump dispenser.
Ingredients mentioned.
Make skin soft and supple.
Smells sweet and nice but not overpowering.
Not greasy.
Keeps skin soft for 3 to 4 hours.
Pump dispenser.
Travel friendly.

The not so Good:
Contains parabens.
Might not be suitable for extremely dry skin.

Rating: 4.2/5

I think for the price, quantity and the fact that it makes my skin soft I highly recommend this to everyone except for dry skin beauties. There is nothing much to dislike in this lotion and hence a must try.

I hope my review was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment below as to what you have to say. New visitors can leave me their blog links for me to check out.

Thanks for reading.. xoxo

P.S: This is not a PR Sample**


  1. Nice review on this cream they do not sell in USA well at least I have not seen it.

  2. I want to venture out on body lotions. May be I should put this on my list.

  3. i guess this is not for my skin :\

  4. I like this lotion too! :) take care of yourself dear.

  5. Good review Natasha, I don't know the brand, though. We shall get rain over the weekend and with it cooler temperature well we'll see, last time the only thing that came with the rain was high humidity, lol Hope it's getting cooler at your place too.
    kisses sweetie

  6. I love when lotions have pump, so convenient ! Great review! xo

  7. It sounds really good I like good cleansers!! Oh pls doll can you remove or change the position of the welcome bear widget? its so hard o read your posts!!

  8. I have to say no because of my dry skin. The packing is nice and I always prefer lotions with pump. The cap type is a not all friendly. I always end up pouring out more than enough.

  9. haven't heard of this brand, so i liked hearing your thoughts on it!

  10. Oh looks like a nice product!
    Thank you for your review!

  11. Hmm but I think it will be perfect for my skin! Nice review ^_^

  12. I love trying out this kind of products.It's always fun but I've never heard of this brand before.When you buy a product with a lot of hope and it's expensive but if it doesnt work on your skin,it makes me feel like a fool.But when I buy a product randomly and it's a cheap product,it has the best effect on my skin.I dont know why :)
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  14. Nice review. It looks like a great product :)

  15. This looks like a really good moisturizer Nats...Lovely review! :)

  16. I too love this lotion Nats, specially for my hands and feet. It has a nice feeling and leaves my skin nice and soft.
    Loved your review as ever dear... <3 <3

    check out :

  17. I have used this and I am about to finish it :)
    It helps me a lot in the Mumbai humidity!


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