Oriflame Professional Blending Brush Review

Hey everyone,
Today I shall be reviewing the Oriflame Professonal Blending brush. This is one of the brushes I did receive in the whole collection sent by Oriflame. Oriflame was primarily into skin care when they started out but later have also branched out into make up, hair color recently and they do also have a set of decent make up brushes. I have reviewed few in the last few days. Today its time to share my thoughts on what I think of this brush. Read on to know more...

What does Oriflame say about this brush:
This firm round brush is perfect for controlled eye shadow blending.This soft, natural-hair brush blends and softens eye shadow and smoothes colour transitions. Also ideal for applying powder to set concealer or foundation around the eye area. 

Materials: Goat hair, Aluminium, Wood. 

Price: Rs.149/-  You can buy it from here

The brush comes in a clear plastic packaging with the price mentioned and basic stuff. The brush handle is nice and long and black in color with tiny shimmer particles making it attractive to look at and looks professional as well. You can easily carry it with you while travelling.

Now what I think of this brush is this is the cheapest and best option for  a blending brush in the market. I know MAC 217 brush is the best but I will never spend that much on a blending brush. Also the white bristles make it dirty very soon. The bristles on the Oriflame brush are black in color which is good and is a bit fluffy. The brush can be used for:

  • Applying powder eye shadow all over the lid.
  • Good for blending the transition eye shadow to perfection as unblended shadows look pathetic.
  • Can be used under the eyes to apply concealer and also set it with powder.
  • Can be used to contour the nose and also apply concealer anywhere on the face.
The bristles are soft enough but not super soft still they are not scratchy. Those with hooded eyes may find the bristles huge but I do not and I think it works well. I also use it to dust powder over my lids and below the eyes to set the concealer. Once you wash the brush the bristles tend to fluff out and do not maintain the shape that is the only con but it is still worthwhile. I have had this brush since 2 years and it did not shed any hair so I would say it is a bargain for the price.

The Good:
Easily available through an Oriflame representative.
Available online.
Professional looking.
Does a good job of blending eyeshadow.
Brush is multi purpose.
Inexpensive and affordable.
Did not shed any hair.
Travel friendly.

The not so Good:
The bristles widen over a period of time of use.
Wish they did not use animal hair at all.


For the given price I think it is an excellent brush and a must try. These brushes are hard to find in the affordable range among our Indian brands. Hence I highly recommend this brush to all.

I hope this review was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment below I do appreciate them.New visitors can leave their blog links for me to check out.

Thank you for stopping by xoxo

P.S: PR Sample** Honest review


  1. Ottimi prodotti, me li compro.


  2. I have to agree with you in not using animal hair that is a big concern with me since I'm a big animal lover. Great honest review.

    1. Although animals are not hurt in the process i feel if they were nt used at all wud hv bn perfect!!
      Thanks fr honest feedback :)

  3. The bristles don't look soft :)


    1. They are soft enough for blending the eyeshadow in the crease after all its not a face brush :)

  4. Good post and great review Natasha. Hope you'll have more fun coming weekend ;)
    kisses honey

  5. Great review. I have been using synthetic brushes lately and I feel like they work better than animal hair brushes.
    Looks great for blending though.

  6. How I want this how I want this!! BTW I use the Faces one and its ok!!

  7. Hi beautiful Nat,
    I really like these brushes!
    Wonderful review (as always)
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary Fashion blog

  8. Replies
    1. The brush is what it appears in the pics.. I have used it for nearly 2 years n wid repeated use they do scatter a bit.. given the price it is good :)

  9. nice review btw I want that mug...its so cute

  10. Oooo this looks like a great M.A.C dupe!

    www.phentastic.com // Scandinavian fashion blog

  11. Nice review thanks for sharing! The brushes seem like affordable can't wait to try them!

    would love to follow eachother via GCF!


  12. Its a complete steal for INR 149.. It looks really classy !!!

  13. this seems like a decent budget buy Nats... and the photographs look lovely... good review...

  14. I loved the clicks and yeah your Review too Nats <3

  15. Great brush for the price ,,,I love that cup nat lol

  16. glad you found something that works inexpensively!

  17. Oh these brushes sound wonderful! I am still in need for a really good blending brush! Hugs, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  18. I like it for the hair doesn't fall off which is important esp for eye make-up. It can be irritating esp when the hair gets into the eyes and mash the make-up. I have to buy online because Ori is rare these days over here.

  19. I like it for the hair doesn't fall off which is important esp for eye make-up. It can be irritating esp when the hair gets into the eyes and mash the make-up. I have to buy online because Ori is rare these days over here.

  20. Great post, I really want to get some new brushes.

  21. I have got two of these and have been using them for the last 1 year. I am overall quite satisfied. Not the best in the market. but of course cheapest :P

  22. Nice review dear... I completely agree even I am not sure if I would spend a big sum on buying the MAC 217 brush.... I just got a dupe which I will review shortly but these look great for the price.. should check it out soon..


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