Fuschia Handmade Soaps and Lip Balms - First Impression

Hey everyone,
I was happy to receive some goodies from a brand I recently got to know called Fuschia - I love the name already  ^_^ They were kind enough to send me full sized soaps and lip balms to test and try out which I shall review in the future. This is my first impression of their products.

About the company:
VKARE BIO SCIENCES Pvt. Ltd. covers the area of Healthcare and Biotechnology.
This means collaborating in an efficient, transparent and flexible way to help clients find answers and results they need.The company is based in Delhi.
Our core philosophy reflects in our motto “We Care”. The organization is dedicated to the commitment of quality products and excellent customer service. At the heart of our success is our belief to develop strong and long lasting relationships with our customers.
We work closely with all stakeholders to understand their challenges and how we can combine our skills and resources to achieve a common goal: improved healthcare to all.
The values on which the company was founded have always inspired growth and will continue to do so in times to come.

Fuschia is range of Handmade Natural Glycerine based Soaps available in 3 Categories. 
1. Classic Glycerine
2. Herbal Soaps
3. Designer Glycerine

I received 4 soaps and 2 Lip balms which are as follows:
1. Fuschia Coffee Cream Soap priced at Rs.225/- for 100g available here

2. Fuschia Sandal Soap priced at Rs.225/- for 100g available here

3. Fuschia Tangerine Soap priced at Rs.225/- for 100g available here

4. Fuschia Lemon Grass Oil Soap priced at Rs. 225/- for 100g available here

I also received 2 lip balms:
1. Fuschia lip balm in Tropical Alphonso priced at Rs. 225/- available here

2. Fuschia lip balm in Peach Plush priced at Rs. 225/- available here

They usually ship within 3 to 7 days if you live in Delhi it could take just a day. They also have a 15 days return policy.All their products are available at their website itself or can also be purchased from Flipkart and Snapdeal. I shall be reviewing all the soaps and lip balms  as and when I start using them. Stay tuned for the same.

I hope everyone found this post informative and useful.Please leave a comment with your inputs and new visitors may leave their blog links for me to check out.

Until next time.. Take care...xoxo

P.S: PR Sample**


  1. I love the tangerine one. Handmade soaps are so good for our skin. Love the packaging ; )


  2. Mommy I want the Coffee Cream now :-P

  3. Amazing products looking forward for review.

  4. I want to have those lip balms, i just so much addicted to lip balms :)

  5. They have an exciting range of products. I am looking forward to try their handmade soaps.

  6. The soaps look really good, I wish I could smell them lol

  7. I have a weakness for hand made soaps. They are so amazing.

  8. these look really good! Waiting for your reviews :)

  9. great products ! Specially coffee cream and lemon grass soap need them :)

  10. Beautiful scented soaps and lip balms. Awaiting your review.

  11. Lovely products, I would like to try them all!!!
    Kisses darling!!!
    My Facebook

  12. Nice products.. Tangerine soap sounds interesting to me, review that soon :)

  13. you got some nice soaps and products! i can only imagine how lovely the smell is!

  14. These look just so great! The fragrance range surely sounds very tempting..Cant wait for your review on these beauties! :)


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