The Sunflower Blogger Award

Hey everyone,
I was pleasently surprised when I was nominated for the Sunflower Blogger Award by one of the most genuine and nice bloggers I know for a while now - Jackie Harrison.I met her through blogging and I am sure everybody knows her very well as she is a famous face in the blogging world already. Please check out her blog as she does some amazing posts too

The rules are as follows:

  • Share 11 Facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate bloggers
  • Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers

11 Facts about me:

1. I love make up. It is therapeutic and something that makes me happy. Having said that overdoing  it is also something I do not suggest, keep it natural always.

2. I hate liars and those who hide things from me. Be honest always.

3. I love Chinese food especially the Indian version of it extra spicy. Hot and Sour Soup is my favourite.

4. I love to write yes not only blogging but otherwise too I do pen down my feelings whether sad, happy, frustrated or whatever  my mood may be in my diary  and trust me its the best feeling ever. Do try it.

5. I love shopping but I do not waste a lot of time on it. I am very simple in my selection of clothes.

6. Make up brushes is my current obsession. I love collecting and using them.. hehe

7. I am very calm as a person and keep things to myself most of the time but I too have my days .. Lol

8. I do not like complicated people or things. I am a peaceful plegmatic person and I believe simpler the better.

9. Kurkure is my favourite snack. I love it and have been eating it for years. May be unhealthy but its ok. :P

10. I love Red and orange lipsticks. They brighten my face and make me happy. As they say on a bad day there is always a good lipstick right?

11. I love to connect with all types of people and have met nice people through blogging and even through Instagram. Networking is very important now a days. 

My answers to the questions set by the nominee
1. What are your expectations for your blog?
I started blogging with nothing in January 2013 - no money, expertise and unaware of many things and my blog is still up and running. I learnt many things along the way. At times I get frustrated but I still keep going because this is what I always wanted to do- its my passion. Everybody would want their blog to get better by the day so do I. I hope to continue and get better by the day as long as I possibly can.

2. What topics do you prefer to read?
I do not read at all infact very rarely but since I love make up it would be along those lines. I do like self motivating books as well.

3.If you were at the mall and have one choice, what would you buy clothes or make up?
It would be make up of course as I am not obsessed about clothes and dressing up that much. Hope to change that in the future. Change is always better :)

4.My favourite movie of 2014?
It has to be the Bollywood movie Queen. Fantastic acting by Actress Kangana Ranaut and a very fresh approach to the subject of love.

5.Which you prefer yogurt or icecream?
Yogurt because it is more healthy.

6.Your favourite hobby?
I love to dance but it has been ages I have danced and lost the essence of it. It makes you happy and you can burn some calories too.

7.Do you get intimidated by others?
Absolutely not.After having lots of experiences I can handle people well now. Atleast that is what I think :p

My questions to all those  bloggers who would like to do the tag:
1. What made you get into blogging? 
2. Which is your favourite make up item?
3. What would you prefer Chocolate or a dessert?
4. What is one thing you hate about blogging and one thing you love?
5. One travel dream destination you may like to visit?
6.  Do you make any special efforts to stay healthy and look good?
7. Your opinion about me or my blog?

If you decide to do the tag please let me know so that I may have a look. I am social and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do follow me and leave me a message there.

Have a great evening everyone ☺☺

P.S: All the images have been googled- the credit goes to the respective owner.


  1. Congratulation you so well deserve thanks for the kind shout out we do have a lot in common like I hate liars as well love collecting makeup brushes and dancing doll I love dancing most of the time dancing with the dogs lol. I have a journal for poetry even though I have not touch in a while. I do enjoy writing is good and when you look back at it ,you see how much you improve from what ever bother you or dislike and likes. Continue the great job you do.

  2. me too having super duper obsession of makeup brushes :D Congrats dear!

  3. Congrats Natasha! Well deserved! Keep up the good work girl.

  4. Congrats for d award dear..good to know more about you. .

  5. congrats darling ;)

  6. Postagem maravilhosa amei
    Canal de youtube:

  7. Congrats for d award honey...very nice to know more about you. Have a nice day <3

  8. Congrats Natasha, I love to know more about you!!!!

    Ciao bellissima!!!

  9. congrats!! keep the passion alive..

  10. Hi babe,
    so amazing pics.
    Really inspo for me
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  11. Loved reading the answers! xoxo

  12. Congrats and salute your honest sharing. I'm sure more awards will be pouring soon.

  13. Congrats nat
    Love reading your answers
    I love kurkure too lol and people who lie 😁

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  14. Lovely photographs <3
    What you will say on obs too obs?
    I am waiting for the ans. at me;
    You can click on the banner of the shop shinseide at me?
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. congrats good to know more about you

  16. Loved learning a bit about you! Congrats on the award! :)

    <3 Shannon

  17. congrats Natasha for the award!


  18. Congrats Natasha! I really enjoyed reading about you.

  19. Kisses from Italy Natasha!

    Ciao bellissima!!!

  20. Congrats doll!


  21. Congratulations... nice post. Love to read more about you. I love kurkure too hehe

  22. you like chinese, me too. i really love the indian version of chinese food too :) Hey, I really really enjoyed QUeen too. Kangana was so good.


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