Oriflame Professional Fan Powder Brush Review

Hello everyone,
Today I shall be reviewing the Oriflame Professional Fan Powder Brush which is next one in my review series of Oriflame Brushes. I have reviewed the Oriflame Blush Brush and their Foundation Brush which many of you  did like. All make up enthusiasts would agree with me how essential are make up brushes for a flawless and perfect make up look. Read on to know more what I think of this brush...

Product Description:
This fan shaped natural hair brush is specially designed to apply a sheer color wash or brushing away of excess powder. Lightly sweeps setting powder onto the skin for a soft, smooth effect.

Price: Rs. 229/-

Materials: Goat Hair, Aluminium, Wood.
It is made of goat hair with wooden handle but these are obtained from animals without causing any harm or death. Also Oriflame does not use any ingredients which could be derived from dead animals.

Availability: Through an Oriflame representative or here

The Fan brush comes in a sealed plastic wrapper  with the brush in it. Once the wrapper is thrown off you are left with no information whatsoever. The price and some basic information is printed on the cover. The color of the handle is black with some shimmer on it. It looks quite classy and professional. The brush is rounded at the top and is cream in color with a black border on the top.

I did not have a fan brush to be honest before I was sent this one from Oriflame along with few other brushes but I know that it is an essential brush in every girls make up vanity. A Fan Brush can be used for:

  • Applying blush or bronzer to the cheeks. In fact applying bronzer is a piece of cake with this brush.
  • It can be used to fan away any fall outs after doing your eye make up.
  • It can be used to apply highlighter right above the apples of your cheeks.

This one brush has multiple uses. The hair of the brush is nicely pinched at the bottom which holds it together very well.The bristles hair of this brush is quite soft and not scratchy but slightly scattered. In fact I gave this brush a go to apply bronzer and it did a good job. So hence forth I would use this brush to apply bronzer and highlighter as well. Now when I got this brush sadly it did shed 2 to 3 hair. Even after washing the brush one or two hair did shed. So I was disappointed. Also I prefer the brush to be a bit more dense, this one was not quite dense. Overall it is an ok brush, the quality definitely should be improved.

The Good:
Easily available through Oriflame representatives.
Available online.
The overall look of the brush is nice and professional.
Bristles are soft enough.
Multiple uses.

The not so Good:
Not dense enough - quality should be improved.

Rating: 2.8/5

The whole look and feel of the brush is quite nice. It looks professional too. As we may know make up brushes are quite expensive in India these are definitely reasonable and good for people who are new into make up.

I hope this review was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment below if you have tried a fan brush. Also new visitors on my blog can leave their blog links for me to check out.

Thank you for reading xoxo

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  1. I'm not good at all on choosing brushes!
    This review is really helpful to me! :)

  2. Great review I do not like the idea it shed us consumer like that the brush itself last and is durable.

  3. I like its fan like appearance and yes, certainly convenient to apply bronzer. But shedding? Suppose its meant to last for long time. I had the issue with an eye brush. Without realising, I went off for a function and later one, the small particle from it irritated and ruined my eye make up.

  4. looks so cute..too bad it sheds :(

  5. genial! Me encantan estas brochas :)

    Chicas! os animo a descubrir mi blog, lleno de ideas e inspiración!!

  6. Looks vvv cute ...pretty clicks n great review nats :*

  7. I use a fan brush too :) Lovely and accurate review, sorry that it sheds...


  8. The brush looked nice but sad that it sheds :(

  9. I love Fan brushes! They are great for applying pigmented blushes...This looks like a great one...LovelY Review Nats :)

  10. i don't know how to use ahhahaha!
    but great post

  11. I love the shape of this brush! I would love to apply my blush with it!


  12. It looks like it would be a good brush, but the shedding would be annoying!

  13. Looks like a nice brush. Good to know both the pro's and con's! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  14. Oh no shedding is not a good sign. It seems very average. Thanks for your honest review
    Have an amazing weekend.

  15. Nice and honest review nat
    I have couple of fan brushes but never used one lol
    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  16. seems like an average brush. well reviewed Nats.

  17. I never use this type of brushes, it's not really necessary for me, you did a great review! xo

  18. Does not look good to me...Thanks for warning and saving my money :D Lovely review and clicks dearie :D


  19. Shedding seems to be the common problem with Oriflame brushes?

  20. i never find fan brush helpful for me or I am not pro enough to use it. Lovely honest review dear.. <3

  21. Great review dear!! That brush looks georgeous!


  22. Lovely review, I have used oriflame brush in past, and didn't like that much!


  23. I also have a brush like this which came with a set of 15 brushes I bought but I never use it! I didn't know how to, I will try it with my highlighter and bronzer from now on! Thanks for the info and too bad it was not a good brush. Kisses!

  24. fan brushes are usually not dense. i use them for removing fall outs. Lovely review dear!

  25. Oops- I guess this brush was a total fail! Shedding is the worst! Thank you for your honesty! Kisses, Sissi http://www.beauty4free2u.com

  26. 2.8 ratings - I guess it didn't turn out to be impressive - But it looks Very Cute ^_^
    Lovely Review Dear :)

  27. hi girl! great blog! you should join my giveaway! all you have to do is comment on the blog post :) xx

  28. I have got several products from this brand and all were awesome...but I've not tried any powder brush yet. I found the brush perfect for me being a newbie in to this makeup world :) Tx dear for the beautiful and honest review :)

  29. Thanks for your review Nats! Have not used their brushes. Could you suggest some?


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