Oriflame Professional Eye Brow Brush Review

Hey everyone,
Happy Janmashtami to all those from India. For those who are not aware it is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. Coming to today's review I shall be talking about the Oriflame Professional Eye Brow Brush which is from the Oriflame Studio line of make up brushes. They have a collection comprising of 7 make up brushes for eyes, lips and the face. Read on to know more what I think about this brush...

Price: Rs.149/-

What Oriflame says about this brush:
Keep your eyebrows well groomed with this stiff bristled brush. Seperate the eye lashes with the comb after applying mascara.

Materials: Nylon, ABS, Aluminium, Wood. You can buy it from here

The brush comes in a clear plastic packaging nothing fancy. The handle is black in color with some fine glitter on it. The look is very sleek and professional. In the recent times and especially after being a beauty blogger for one and a half years now I did notice that filling your eyebrows is a must while doing your eye make up. Honestly I still do not do it as I have the habit of rubbing my face everytime.. Hahaha.. But yes I have tried it and seen the difference. So the whole point is this that this brush is a must have in every make up lovers collection.

Now this brush is essentially used to brush the eyebrows - the side with the bristles. When you use a powder eye shadow or gel or pencil or any eyebrow kit after using it you would need to run this brush over to get a natural finish on the eyebrows or it may look weird.. Lol.. Also the comb end can be used to lightly brush in the eyebrows while doing your eye make up to keep them in place, also while tweezing your eyebrows if you do them at home. I use it after using mascara on my lashes to seperate them as most mascaras clump after 2 coats. This has not had any shedding problem at all. Overall a good brush and a must have for every make up junkie.

The Good:
Easily available.
Looks nice and professional.
Does a good job of combing the brows.
Does seperate the eyelashes well to avoid mascara clumping.
Does not shed.
Bristles are soft enough and do the job well.

The not so Good:
I did not find anything honestly.

Rating: 5/5

This is a must have brush for all make up addicts. Doing your brows is a  must now a days and makes a lot of difference to the face.I recommend everyone to give this a try.

I hope my review was helpful to all those reading. Please leave a comment below I do read them all and if you are visiting my blog for the first time do leave your blog links for me to check out☺☺

Until next time.. Take care xoxo

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  1. This is definitely coming inside my kitty :-)

  2. It looks sturdy and it does comb perfectly great job on the review.

  3. i rarely use this brush. oriflame brushes are so reasonably priced!

  4. So a perfect five out of five huh? Awesome! I just snapped my eye brow brush :-( I now use an old mascara brush, oops...

  5. I have a brush like this but I have never used it I will give it a try now. Wonderful review.

  6. These are a must in any vanity...They are really helpful! Lovely Review dear :)

  7. I have one in my drawer and its comfortable sitting inside. After reading your review, I should start soon with the Estee brand eye brow brush I have. Ori surely does have a good one too.

  8. Well the rating says pretty enough! :) Seems a must buy. I dont have any eye brow brush and this looks great product giving instant lift to eye brows and your look. Looking forward to buy it!

  9. Hi dear Natasha! !! I haven't a brush like this in my make-up collection, but I have to buy something similar for my eyebrows :) have a nice day, Kisses, Marghe

  10. Great review dear. Its one of my favorite tool in my beauty repertoire.

  11. Great review ...I have brush like this but of diff brand. ..love the clicks sweetie ..keep sharing more Oriflame products I want to try too...they r affordable n great...:):)


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