Oriflame Professional Blush Brush Review

Hi everyone,
Finally the rain Gods have smiled upon Mumbai and the weather has become pleasant unlike the hot days in the month of May. This weather is the perfect time for sipping a hot cup of masala tea, What say?  Coming to today's review, I am a huge fan of make up brushes and I am always on the look out for something new which of course is on the affordable side - the more the merrier. Today I shall be talking about a make up brush which I have been using for quite sometime now. It is called the Oriflame Professional Blush Brush. Let us find out more about this brush in my review.

Product Description:
 Made of goat hair with wooden handle but these are obtained from animals without causing any harm or death. Also Oriflame does not use any ingredients which could be derived from dead animals.

Price: Rs.279/-

Size: 180mm

Availability: Through an Oriflame representative or here

The Oriflame blush brush comes in a complete black body with a bit of shimmer finish on it which makes it look classy and sophisticated. It has a long wooden handle which I like and I feel it makes you look like a pro while using them :) As I mentioned earlier that the bristles are made of goat hair but it has not been by making by hurting any animal. The bristles may not be the softest in the world but they are good enough to buff in and blend the blush you may use and yes you can use it to blend a cream blush too. 

You can also use this to apply foundation using buffing motion. I did watch this technique being talked about my Wayne Goss from gossmakeupartist on Youtube. The brush is pinched at the tip of the brush which does not make the brush extra fluffy and just the right shape to fit into the apples of the cheek. Some may argue it is a bit small but I find it perfect as it gives much controlled application. On my first wash I did find the brush shed one or two hair but not much after that. I have read reviews in the past where people have said that it is a bit scratchy well it may not be the softest brush ever but it is soft enough and I would differ from the opinion of others. It does do a decent job, inexpensive and is easily available through Oriflame representatives or even online sites.

The Good:
Easily available.
Looks stylish and professional.
Can be used for powder & cream blushes too.
Does a decent job of blending.
Bristles are soft enough to work with.
Cruelty free brand.

The not so Good:
Did shed 1 - 2 hair on first wash. Wish it did not shed at all.
Although it is a cruelty free brand I wish they did use animal hair at all.
May not be the softest brush you have used.

Rating: 3.8/5

Oriflame Blush Brush is a decent option if you are looking for an inexpensive brush which can be easily obtained sitting in the comfort of your homes because it is available online and also most representatives are ready to ship it at your door step. I recommend you to get one and try it for the price because a woman  cannot have too many make up brushes..Lol

I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave a comment below as to what you think and which is your favourite make up blush brush. If you are visiting my blog for the first time do leave your blog links in the comments section for me to check out ☺

See you all in my next review .. Ciao ♥♥

P.S: PR Sample


  1. Nice brush but I prefer synthetic one

  2. I have their blending brush and though not the best, I like it. I might want to check out this one for sure! In fact, I was waiting for somebody to review it. So, thanks for that.

  3. Great post doll awesome tips.

  4. Totally loved your honest review hun...Seems decent for the price :)

  5. Nicely reviewed Natasha. I personally have never tried any products or brushes from this company.

  6. Oh this looks good. I have one blending brush from oriflame which works great.
    Nice review

  7. Nice review Natasha. Seems like a decent brush to begin with.

  8. Very nicely reviewed dear...I wpuld definitely love to try out this brush

  9. Sounds nice...great review Natasha! You look lovely! <3

  10. Great brush, i want to try it

  11. Nice review Nats!! I must say you have very good skin. :)

  12. Goat hair hehehehe nvr heard of it and your skin gosh nice and clear x

  13. Wow this looks fab. Good for the price too. u r looking pretty dear <3

  14. Against all the good points, for me, softness is what I look for in brushes.

  15. this seems to be a nice brush..would like to try it

  16. I need this blush... great tips!!!
    Happy We darling!!!

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  17. Lovely review Natasha. Have a great weekend!
    Dusana :-)


  18. I have same brush, I would rate it 3.. It is not soft at all, and mine has strange shape :(

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  19. great review!
    have a nice week end!

  20. I still haven't found a brush that didn't shed ;) xo

  21. Great review! I hate when brushes shed!

    <3 Shannon

  22. Great review! I'm currently on the search for a good make-up brush, myself. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  23. thanks for the honest review Nats, i think i'll skip it

  24. Great Review Nats!!! <3 Though i personally wouldn't use the brush coz i am all for animals :p, you did an amazing job at reviewing it! And Did i mention how pretty you are? <3


  25. I want one like that

  26. Nice review dear... i own some oriflame brushes, not the best quality but definitely on the affordable side and very handy. Do try their double ended brushes, very useful.
    Check out my travel diary and OOTDs at my blog

  27. I never tried oriflame brushes dear, I shall try one soon :) Nice review sweetie x

  28. Never tried their brushes.. looks decent .. lovely review :)


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