Maybelline Color Tattoo EyeStudio in Fierce & Tangy Review and Swatches

Hey everyone,
It has been a while since I have reviewed any Maybelline product on my blog. I love Maybelline products a lot and on the whole I would say that they are total value for money and I would say that in India they are the best drugstore brand. I have used their lipsticks in the past and have loved them but I never tried any of their eye shadows being cream or powder. Today I shall be sharing my thoughts on the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyestudio eyeshadow in Fierce and Tangy. Please read on to know more....

Ingredients: not mentioned.

Price: Rs.350/- for 4 gm product.

Availability: At all Major Maybelline counters across India and even online.

What does Maybelline has to say about this product:
For eye catching eyes, apply on Color Tattoo Eye Shadow.

Featuring vibrant shades with 24 hour intensity, these eyeshadows keep your eyes looking glamorous all day.
The cream formula aids application making it extremely easy to mix, spread and blend this eyeshadow.
Here's why you'll love it:

  • Ink technology creates intense, super saturated color
  • Has 24 hour intensity for long lasting wear.
  • Cream formula smoothes on without creasing.
  • Comes in 8 vibrant shades.

The eyeshadow comes in a glass jar packaging which is transparent and has a black screw cap which twists and stays secure. The color of the eyeshadow is easily understood from the outside due to the transparent packaging. As it is a glass jar you need to be careful and it may be prone to breakage once you drop it down. It is travel friendly though. Nothing much is mentioned on the packaging itself.

The shade as you can tell from the pictures is orange as they put it tangy. It has a mousse kind of texture which most of you may be aware of,if you may have used the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. It has golden shimmer to it which is finely  milled and not chunky at all. The best way to use this eyeshadow is with a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush or I would suggest the fingers - the warmth from your fingers will make the eyeshadow blend well and evenly. This is an excellent base for eyeshadows making them last all day.Also some claim that it can be used as a corrector to conceal under eye dark circles.

Now coming to my experience I had received this eye tattoo after placing an order online with a certain online website and I saw that a year had already passed on the packaging. So the first time I tried I did find it a bit drying and difficult to work with. Also I was not able to use it on my dark circles as well :( I know of this issue with many people that the eyeshadow has turned dry. Anyways  I did put few drops of almond oil to ease the eyeshadow and make it work for me but was not happy. Now I have the Bad to the bronze one but thankfully that was ok and I love it. This eyeshadow shoes very naturally on my eye lids as I do have pigmented eye lids and lasts a long time but I prefer dabbing some powder eyeshadow over it so that it does not crease on me- Yes it did crease on me as I have hooded eye lids sadly but lasts a pretty long time. Overall it is worth a try according to me as orange is the color of the year.

The Good:
Easily available - even online.
Quantity will last forever.
Mousse like texture which sets on the eye lids once applied.
Long lasting.
Good base for eye shadows.
Travel friendly.

The not so Good:
Did crease on my hooded eye lids.
Glass jar.
Dries up.
Can be tricky to blend once it dries up.
Ingredients list not mentioned.
Initially they did provide a brush but later on did not.

Rating: 3.8/5

Maybelline Eye Tattoo is a nice budget buy which works great as an eye shadow base and an eye shadow itself. I would suggest you check the manufacturing date before purchasing if you do so at the counter to avoid the drying part also storing the jar upside down helps as I saw and read on the internet.

I hope this review was helpful to all of you. Please leave a comment below as I love to hear from you all. Also you can leave your links here if you are visiting my blog for the first time.

Until next time.. Take care ☺


  1. seems okayish. well reviewed Nats

  2. Amazing reivew, Nats!!! The colour is actually super pretty!! Reminds me of the sunset! Plus your eotd is just ahh sooo goodddddddd!!! You've got such pretty eyes (and i always say that...sorry not sorry! :P )

  3. Lovely review sweetie :) awesome pictures dear :)

  4. Hi dear Natasha!! I've never tried this product by Maybelline. Love the orange on you!! Thanks for sharing yr experience! Have a great day!

  5. Ooh interesting read! I didn't know about storing glass jars upside down-will definitely be doing so! :P xx

  6. I have not tried these before
    Nice colour though shame it dries up 😔
    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  7. I Loveee color tattoo range by maybelline, i have pomegranate punch shade and eyeing some more hehe
    Nice review my Dear :)

  8. I have it in blue now that I know how the orange looks like I have to get great tutorial doll.

  9. this shade is really pretty. i have bold gold and its the best gold shade :)

  10. i store it upside down to help with dryness. and i use it on darker skin as a corrector

  11. Love the concrete description and review! Awesome!!!
    keep it going...

    Girls You know how tom combine! Love it!

    Your Fashion Blogger

  12. I like the attractive color and Maybelline is one of my fav brand which is easily available over here. That said, dark colors over lids accentuate the dark circles under my eyes further.

  13. You are amazing!!! This review is so interesting.
    I have to try it
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  14. This is a superb shade...i love using it...

  15. nice eotd
    bought this in january but didn't get a chance to touch it :( i think its lying somewhere in my vanity now...have to check it thanks for the post

  16. Great review! Thanks for sharing!

    Following! You might wanna follow back? Looovvve and kisses!

  17. this one dries faster than othr shades. i use some eye cream &then use this as corrector

  18. The shade looks stunning on you Nat. Love it. Most helpful review. Thx for sharing.

  19. love the shade.. but too bad it creases..

  20. You rock the shade Nats.. I am not sure if it will suit my skintone..

  21. The colour looks gorgeous on you, Natasha!

  22. Bellissimi prodotti molto molto buoni.

  23. Sono fotografati benissimo, sei molto brava!!!


  24. Linda cor de sombra amei, a make ficou maravilhosa
    Canal de youtube:

  25. Oh wow! That looks fab on you, Natasha! Sounds like a great product. T.

  26. I love maybelline tatoos
    they are great shadows for the price :)

  27. I have this nd love it....I agree that these dry too fast but other than that they are really great!
    Lovely Review Nats :)

  28. I have heard many good comments about color tatoo eyeshadows but I have oily and hooded eye lids so I think it wouldn't be good for me. Intense colors look great on you, I would not dare to wear orange!

  29. Love this shade of orange on you.... Tnx for sharing another interesting review darling!!!!

    Ciao bellissima!!!

  30. I have these and I love them...:)

  31. Beautiful ..grgs eotd...♡♡♡♡♡♡
    N pretty shade ....great review ..

  32. Now I have something to pair with my orange lippy. Thanks Natasha! :)
    ~Pauline @Aveeno Philippines


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