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Hey everyone,
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my last post and was helpful to you all. I have reviewed many make up products in the past but never reviewed much about clothes and fashion. Today I shall be telling you about this amazing store I came across recently. So do you like stoles and scarfs? Well yes I do, it gives your outfit a whole new look and if it is winters serves as a medium to keep yourself warm yet looking ohh so stylish. Let us find out more about this store in my post today.

Elaborestore.com is the official online store for Shawls, Scarves and Stoles in India.They show case a wide range of scarves for men, women and children. It is the biggest online portal for shawls, stoles and scarves in the world with over 2000 syles to choose from. Sounds awesome right?

The Online Store collection consists of the following collections:

  • The Beautiful Florals.
  • The Digital Show.
  • The Checkered update.
  • The Striped Road.
  • The Trendy Abstracts.
  • The Spring Madness.
  • The Royal Comfort.
  • The Wooly Mammoth.

So as you can tell there is a wide variety and different categories to choose from. There is a separate tab for men, women, style, ocassion etc. A stole can change the whole look of your outfit. A simple outfit can look stylish when used along with a stole. I love using it especially in the winters as it serves a dual purpose of keeping yourself warm and looking stylish as well. You can check their collection here

As I did browse through the website I found it extremely easy to navigate. They do have sales as well which is going on right now you must have a look. You can get extra discounts with their partner coupon websites like Coupon Rani, Cupo Nation etc. The best part is that they have Free Shipping and do ship in 7 business days, Vow !! They also do have cash on delivery and ship all over India. So what more would one want? ☺

Elaborestore were kind enough to send me a stole which I absolute love. It is made of Silk Modal material. We all are aware of Silk and Modal is a bio based fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It is about 50% more water absorbent than cotton. Modal is essentially a variety of Rayon.

The stole I received is super soft and comfy and I love the turquoise and orange color combination. The print on the scarf is lovely too. It would go with Indian as well as western outfit. It is an exclusive stole from their December 2014 collection which is not yet available on their website yet. I also love this beige one from their collection. You can check it out here

                                                         Me wearing the stole ☺

My final say: I have never come across such a site which has a wide variety of stoles and scarfs under one roof. Everyone should visit this store once and get a stole and look how it changes your outfit and personality totally. Please have a look at their store you are sure to find something nice for yourself.

You can follow them on the following sites in order to be updated about their latest collection/sales etc:

I hope the information I provided here was useful to all. Please leave a comment below as to what you think of this website, have you checked it out before? I do read all your comments. And yes if you are visiting my blog for the first time do leave  your blog links for me to check out.

Have a great week ahead everyone ☺☺

P.S: I was invited by the brand to review their website, but this has not affected myopinion in anyway. The snapshots are taken from their website itself ☺


  1. Thanks for sharing dear :) will check out xx

  2. Great store and beautiful scarf.

  3. Wow, such a cool site. Really want to explore it...

  4. They do have some cool stoles! u r looking lovely dear!

  5. Stole look really nice on you and love the color my mother in law gave me 4 stoles few months ago and I still have pull them out to use
    Thanks for reminding hehehe

  6. wow loads of scarves and stoles, am surely gonna check this out :)

  7. Nice and will check out soon. I carry lots of scarves when I travel, thus gonna get a few more different shades.

  8. such a beautiful scarf! will check out the website

  9. Love that scarf ! X


    | Fashion Blogger |

  10. Nice!


  11. This is so chic! Looking forward to seeing your next post! Have a fun day.

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    What Kenny Hearts a Style and Home Interiors Blog

  12. These scarfs look wonderful- especially the one you are wearing on the photos below!!! Gorgeous! XOXO, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  13. Your scarf has such a cute pattern, it looks great around your neck! Gorgeous.

  14. Love your blog! I just followed you on GFC, would you please follow me back? :)
    Michaella from http://quitealooker.blogspot.com/

  15. Beautiful selection Natasha. Love the one you're wearing, it's gorgeous and it's suits you so beautifully. Isn't that extremely humidity an awful thing? On days like this I just long for winter, lol.
    Happy Monday dear

  16. Look like they have really good items! Like the scarf that is on you! Must try too! :)

  17. It really looks nice on you and I love stoles and scarfs as well!

    Ends tomorrow!!!
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  18. Beautiful selection Natasha. Love the one you're wearing, it's gorgeous and it's suits you so beautifully. Must try too. Have a nice day <3

  19. You have a nice blog. What you think about follow each other on GFC and Google+?
    I'm wait your answer on my blog.
    Have a nice day.
    Julia x

  20. Nice post,kisses.

  21. That's a lovely choice, Natasha. Looking very pretty.

  22. seems they have great collection,loved what u have picked..suits u alot !!

  23. Great post. :)
    [If you would like to show support by following each other, let me know? :)]

  24. I love scarves, they have some pretty ones! xo

  25. Que dicas maravilhosa amei
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br
    Canal de youtube: http://www.youtube.com/NekitaReis

  26. Natasha, your scarf is lovely and you wear it so well! I own a silk scarf from Elaborestore.com and I absolutely adore it. Fab post, Dear. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  27. Wow great stuff! I have never heard of them before!

  28. Wow. Looks wonderful on u n u r looking hot n pretty my lovely friend ...
    Beautiful n great stuff...will check it out...
    Great review ♡♡♡♡♡

  29. I checked that site and the collection is really good! :) You look pretty Nats. I have not even started writing about them.:P

  30. the colour looks stunning and the scarf looks like it's made for you. absolutely stunning!

  31. I did a post on their site too! And i quite liked them...They have a huge variety of stoles.. :)
    That scarf is beautiful dear...


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