Puro Body & Soul Body Splash in Oceano Review

Hi everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. I am back with a review from a brand that I have used for the first time. The brand is Puro Body & Soul. I was not aware of this brand until I saw reviews of my fellow bloggers and I was curious to try their products. I was sent 2 products by them from which I shall be reviewing the Puro Body & Soul Body Splash in Oceano today. Read to know more about this brand and the product.

About the brand:
Puro is a brand of non toxic bath & body care products brand of an NGO for women upliftment. The products have been launched by 2 creatively inclined women Niyati and Priyal whose common interest in starting this line of products was to economically empower women and make available products which are naturally made without use of harmful chemicals. The products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free as they do not include animal by products nor are they tested on animals. The products are also Silicone free and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS free).

What the brand says about their product, Directions and Key Ingredients:

Price: Rs. 400 for 100 ml

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Availability: Available on Flipkart

The body splash comes in a plastic spritz bottle which does not look cheap to me at all. The cap sits well on the bottle and did not turn loose on me hence I would say it is travel friendly. 

Coming to the product I was very fascinated to read the claims which says you can use it as an after bath spray, on linen and even to freshen your hair.. really hair?? yes that is right. Now as we all now how hot and humid this summer has been in India and this product is a saviour to me especially for my hair. I do have an oily scalp which starts to emit some bad odour due to sweat hence I had no option than to wash my hair to get rid of the smell but this product can come handy when you do not have time to do that. I use it after shower on my body and let me tell you it is 100% safe to do. I did not experience any irritation on the skin after using it. The smell as the name suggests is very oceanic which means it is not too strong nor very light and has an aqua kind of fragrance/notes. It keeps you fresh for quite sometime and this is the best option for those who do not like strong smelling deodrants and perfumes which I know some people are allergic too. The best part is that it is chemical free and I am all for these kind of products.

The Good:
Simple and sturdy packaging.
Alcohol, Silicone and cruelty free
100% vegetarian
SLS free ( Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
Contains Aloe Vera extracts.
Does not irritate the skin.
Lasts for a fairly long time.
Travel friendly.
Can be used to freshen up the hair.

The not so Good:
Price for some but most body splash are pricey and this one is cruelty free plus no alcohol content.
Availability for some.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall this is a must try product for those who like mild scents and like alcohol free, cruelty free products. This is perfect for everyday use as it is mild yet effective enough. Hence I highly recommend everyone to try it.

I hope this review was informative and useful to everyone reading it. Please leave your valuable inputs below. I love reading them all. If you are visiting my blog for the first time please leave your blog links for me to check out. I will definitely  get back sooner or later. 

Have a weekend everyone ☺

P.S: PR sample - Honest review


  1. Seems like an awesome product to try dear. Surely getting my hands on it.

  2. I love Cruelty free skin care products, this one is sounds good dear :D

  3. Great review the product I will want to try. Have a great weekend

  4. I will try to find it in my country....:)


  5. Great products and I'm impressed that it can be used for hair too. Wish I can find it over here.

  6. Lovely review, i wanna try this too! Anyways, would you like to follow each other via GFC and other social medias? Follow me then and do let me know:)

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  7. i love mild scents for everyday..will try this..lovely review :)

  8. I love the fact that the product is so versatile !!

  9. Product sounds good. I'm yet to try this brand.

  10. It looks really good!! rating says that all. Lovely review dear. :)

  11. Lovely Review Nats! This looks like a great mist..gotta try it! :)

  12. I really love the spritz bottle packaging makes life much easier. It's also great it's cruelty free.

  13. Great review! I will try it out for sure.


  14. I Have Never Come Across a Body Splash That Lasts That Long! This Surely Goes to My "To Buy" List!

  15. wow! for hair... that sounds like awesome... am surely gonna try this out on your reco Nats.. Thanks for the review...

  16. I like Puro products very muchh :) xx

  17. Thanks Natasha for the wonderful review & we at Puro would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments. Puro Body & Soul Products are available on flipkart.com. Happy shopping!

  18. Thanks Natasha for the wonderful review & we at Puro would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments. Puro Body & Soul Products are available on flipkart.com. Happy shopping!


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