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This week is turning out to be boring so far. What about you guys?? It has been raining everyday out here which really bugs me because it makes me feel lazy. Anyhow everyone out there who is a regular follower of this blog knows about my absolute love for lipsticks :p be it any size, shape, brand. Most of the time I always look out for something new and also which is affordable because I am not a person to spend a 1000 bucks on one lipstick.That's how I am ;) Anyways today I will review a really superb lipstick I love from VOV called PURE PURPLE.

Ingredients: No idea.. I think that is what is always missing  with many of the cheap brands right?

Price: Around 100 bucks.

Quantity: 4g

If you remember many years back Colorbar had the exact same kind of lipsticks with same formula and packaging which they revamped and the changed to the Velvet Matte lipsticks. This lipstick is an almost exact copy of that one in terms of packaging and the formula.The lipstick comes in a lovely transparent tube which looks really attractive. At the bottom of the lipstick there is a swatch of the shade which makes it easier to locate the shade if you have many lipsticks. You can also check the shade from the top as the lid as it  is transparent. The cap shuts well and is travel friendly.

The lipstick is a lovely purple color leaning more towards the pinkie purple side.  Hence I can comfortably say that it is purple mixed with pink.It has very finely milled shimmer which you won't even notice and hence it gives a lovely metallic look to the lips especially when it hits the light. The smell and flavour is hard to describe but it is really good. It is really creamy and glides well. One swipe gives enough color on the lips. If you wish you can go with a second coat too. I love the formula and the color pay off with this lipstick. It does not go outside the lips and feels very nice on the lips. Now pinkie purple is a tricky color to sport as it can make your teeth look yellow and also is more suited to fair skinned beauties. I would say this shade really brightens up my face. The shade has good staying power than the average lipstick. It lasts for 5 hours or so. One thing I noticed about this lipstick that it stained my lips after it wore off, now that is something I may not bother but for some it may be an issue.

The Good:
Opaque color.
Lovely texture.
Attractive packaging.
Good staying power.

The not so Good:
Availability is a major issue.
Ingredient list missing.
Staining may be an issue with some.

Rating:4/5 (-1 for the cons)

This lipstick is a total steal I tell you. There are many shades to choose from. Availability  may be an issue but I know it may be available in certain cities as I was going through some reviews when I checked google. You can check your local stores for the same. I highly recommend all of you to try this lipstick if you love purple pink lipstick.

I hope my review was helpful to you.Please leave a comment below. I do read and reply to all of them. 

Thank you taking the time to read my blog.

Lots of love,


  1. The shade suits you perfectly girl :) Lovely swatch pics <3
    Nice review :)

  2. The packaging is pretty..
    Nice lip swatch :)

  3. It's looking lovely on your lips. It has been raining here too :(. I don't like rains..

    1. haha ok.. rains make u feel gloomy that's why i dnt like it .. Thanks a lot :)

  4. pretty shade <3
    i love purple ..:)

    nice review n pretty lip swatch

  5. Lovely swatches dear...The shade is very pretty!

  6. Beautiful swatches Natasha.. it looks great on you. :)

  7. Replies
    1. both the shades are the same.. Lol.. they look different in each lighting that's what i was trying to say....
      Thanks a lot :)

  8. Aww!! Very pretty color.. India seriously has some great brands and I wish I could try them out some day like Lakme, Elle18, Lotus Herbal etc.
    You have such an impressive blog out there :-) Just came across your blog and loved it.. Following you via GFC, would love if you visit my blog and if you like can follow me too :-)


    1. Thanks a lot .. will surely check out your blog... :)

  9. The lipstick reminds me of Maybelline Moisture Extreme Iced Orchid.. very pretty shade.. looks lovely on u!! :)

  10. Pretty shade it is! Lovely lip swatches!

  11. Lovely shade I love your LOTDs always <3

    1. hehe,,, thats so sweet of u Radha.. Thank u <3

  12. Such a pretty colour, it really suits you :)




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