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Hope you all had a great weekend?? I had a nice time with my small cousins. My today's review is from Elle 18 and the lipstick is called FROSTED CHERRY. Elle 18 is a brand I have been using for years. Let us find out how this shade is....

Ingredients: Contains cocoa butter (apart from that nothing else)

Price: 100 bucks for 4.3ml/g

The lipstick comes in a normal plastic cheap packaging which is black in color. There is an animated character on the tube which may appeal to the teens. The packaging may not be that great but for 100 bucks is still OK. The cap does not click lock and may turn loose overtime. Thankfully I have not faced any issues as such.

Elle 18 lipsticks have different finishes. While some are creamy, some are sheer and some are shimmery. The shade is cherry color with a hint of brown. Due to the brown element it is more of a muted color. There is shimmer to it. Due to the shimmer it emits a lovely sheen. The shimmer may not be everyone's best friend though. The lipstick smells lovely, just like bubble gum which may or may not be liked by all. But I love it. The lipstick has a lip balm stick in the centre which makes the lipstick glide smoothly on the lips. One would need to apply it more than once to get the desired color especially for those with pigmented lips. The lasting power is average just like most Elle 18 lipsticks.It does not stain the lips.

The Good:
Easily available.
Nice smell.

The not so Good:
Complete ingredient list missing.
Lasting power not that great.
Shade may not be liked by all.

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall this is a great lipstick for fall/winter in my opinion. This is a shade which will be loved more by mature women. If you love  this shade you can surely try it. I am not a big fan of the shade though.

I hope my review was helpful to all those reading. Do leave a comment below. I love reading them

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.



  1. You are right, it can be a great fall color!:) I liked it. Lovely review. <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Megha.. if u love it u must try it :)

  3. wow.wow...loved it...pretty shade <3<3

  4. I loved your swatch Natasha.. very neat.. :)

  5. It is an amazing shade without the shimmer. Love the pictures :)

    1. Thanks Preeti :) I dnt knw why companies put shimmer in their lipsticks :/

  6. I actually really like elle 18 lipsticks....they offer decent quality at such an affordable price and the shade selection is insane but I kind of don't like shimmer lipsticks that's why picked up pomegranate punch which I absolutely love...its a similar shade minus all the shimmer

    1. i am not a shimmer fan too but some shades i wouldn't mind n yes i too love Pomegranate Pie :)
      i am a total Elle 18 lipstick fan :D

  7. The shade looks beautiful on you :) I'm so tempted to try Elle lippies and nail paints now - Goes into my lust list ;)
    Lovely lip swatches pics <3

    1. Thanks Vipra.... <3 there is so much to try from Elle 18, better get going!!! ;)

  8. Shimmer sometimes looks good Natasha and the shade is looking good on your lips :)


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