Lissome Natural Grace Lip Colour in BARBIE BROWN

Hello ladies,

I had an eventful weekend, Hope you guys had a great weekend too. My review today is from our very own  Indian brand Lissome cosmetics. I have reviewed a lipstick before this one on my blog a while back.The shade I am reviewing today is a beautiful color called BARBIE BROWN - no 307.Read on to know more...

Ingredients: no idea , not  mentioned anywhere.

Price:     Rs. 99/-  for 4.3ml/g 
(the price has been recently increased, earlier it was cheaper)

What does the company say:
With Natural Grace Lip Color, one smooth application is enough for that perfect color and even spread. Far from ugly feathering, caking or smudging, it lends a rich shine.Rich in texture, its special emolients keep lips moisturized and nourished. And colors stay real and vibrant hours after application.

The Lissome lipstick comes in 3 variants - Natural Grace, Its Simple and Eleganz. The lipstick I am talking about is from the Natural Grace collection which is their most basic lipstick line. The lipstick comes in a hot pink and gold packaging. The name of the brand is mentioned on the tube and the shade no. at the bottom of the tube. The packaging looks OK but very cheap and plasticky. The cap does not click lock and hence it may open up easily.

The lipstick is a brownie pink i.e pink mixed with brown. It does not contain shimmer. It is highly glossy and moisturizing.However I would recommend that one should exfoliate their lips well before applying the lipstick. The lipstick glides on smoothly on the lips and is not drying. The lipstick is sheer and multiple swipes would be required to get an opaque and rich color.Since it is very creamy it has the tendency to go outside the lips, hence it is advisable to use a lip liner.It is a very pretty neutral shade and will suit everyone.It does have a strong scent to it which I like, but it may be a big problem for those who are sensitive to smell. The smell is not bad but strong. Since the lipstick is a bit on the sheer side, the staying power is very poor and may hardly survive a meal.This shade is definitely my favourite but would have been great if the formula was better and long lasting .Availability may be a big issue, however it is available in many cities and metros.

The Good:
Awesome color.
No shimmer.

The not so Good:
Cheap packaging.
Multiple application required for an opaque finish.
Not long lasting.
Smell is strong - may be an issue with some.

Rating: 3.5/5

Although the shade is nice, pretty and moisturizing, the formula should have been better. However it is still a nice lipstick worth trying for the shade and affordability. I would recommend this shade to all.

You can check the review of a shade I had reviewed a while back in the link below:

I hope my review was helpful to all. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for your time.


Disclaimer: This product has been purchased with my own money and my review is honest and based on my experience with the product. Please note - What may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa.


  1. wow!! I loved the color! I would like to try this brand but I have not seen this near my place though have seen blue heaven.

    1. Thanks Niesha ...they are not available online.. m sure u may get it in delhi..

  2. Wow this shade is so pretty and seems good for the price thou :)
    Nice Review dear :)

    1. Thanks Radha.. the shade is pretty... u must try it if u find it

  3. Wow! Loved this shade... Thanks for sharing... Do visit my blog..

    1. Thanks Nilu.. u must try this.. i am a foodie.. sure will visit ur blog :)

  4. love love loveeeeeeeeeeee the shade :D

    1. Nats, mera bday aa raha hain ;) :P

    2. hahaha.. bt u like red lippie no :p this is a nice shade bt as i mentioned not crazily pigmented...

  5. Never heard of this brand.. but the color looks lovely .. beautiful shade :)

    1. This brand is available since many years.. there used to b an ad also on television too ... u can check ur local beauty store.. Thanks fr stopping by Poo.. :)

  6. Very pretty shade dear! Loved the name too.... :)

  7. wah wah kya shade hai..i love lip swatch too :*
    my recent one :

  8. Nice review Nats ;) .. I liked the shade and it looks beautiful on you sweets :)


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