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Hope everyone is doing good. My today's review is from Elle 18. I am talking about their lip smoothies, I think  that's what they call them- the ones in the tube. The shade I will review is called BERRY BOMB. Let's see if it is good or not???

Ingredients: Nothing mentioned really except that it has Cocoa Butter.

Price: Rs.85/- for 9ml.

What does Elle 18 say:
Delicious beautiful lips in yummy fruit flavours. Smooth, glossy and super kissable.

The gloss comes in a squeeze tube. The company's logo is mentioned on the tube. There is a picture of a cute girl I mean an animated cartoon girl on the tube. The packaging looks attractive and the cover is a screw cap which is ok in my opinion.But the product leaks from the tube, hence it is advisable to not carry it while travelling.

The lip smoothie as they say is nothing but a lip gloss in a tube. It is nice and smooth and not sticky as some may say. As you apply the gloss on the lips, it gives a cooling sensation which may not last for long.Due to shimmer it gives a lovely shine on the lips..It has a lovely smell according to me but for some it may be bothersome. The gloss contains loads of silver shimmer which is not gritty but too much shimmer no one likes, right??  There is color to the gloss but the gloss is more and color is less, and on pigmented lips it will hardly show up.Hence you need to atleast swipe a couple of times for the color to show up. I like it only for some shine on the lips because on its own its  not that  pigmented. The color of the lip smoothie is  berry  mixed with brown and  tonnes of shimmer. Now it is moisturizing but not enough and does not last long on the lips . Since it does have a shelf life, if you do not use it for long the gloss separates in the tube and  leaves an oily residue. So when you squeeze the tube, the oil will ooze out first and then some color. Also most of the product is wasted as it all accumulates in the cap.These may hardly stay for an hour or so after which all that remains on the lips is glitter.

The Good:
Nice packaging.
Nice smell.
Available everywhere, even online.

The not so Good:
Product wastage as it leaks from the tube.
Loads of shimmer.
Does not last on the lips.
Ingredient list missing.

This  smoothie or gloss had great potential to be a nice product if the shimmer was less and it wouldn't have separated in the tube. I do not have the other shades but would love to try those as they don't contain that much of shimmer. Overall I  do  not like this particular shade. If you may wish you may try it if you like shimmer & shiny glosses.

Rating: 2.8/5

I hope my review was helpful to you. Do leave a comment and let me know if you have tried it.

Thank you for your time.


DISCLAIMER: The above product has been purchased with my own money. My review is honest and based on my experience with the product. This review is only based on this particular product and not the brand as a whole. Please note What may work for me, may not work for you an vice versa.


  1. Replies
    1. I mean pretty shade n looks yummy though...nice lip swatch :*

    2. hehe.. got the point ;) Thanks Tej <3

  2. It looks so yummy and pretty!! :) Your lip swatches are always pretty dear! <3

    1. Thanks Niesha <3 its not that great a product though :/

  3. Nice review...first time at your space. Following you now :)

    1. Thanks Lavanya.. i am glad u found me and liked my review... Welcome :)

  4. Wow awesome review and lovely lip swatches Nats :)

  5. Super pretty lips ! I'm a fan of squeeze tube lipgloss :)

    1. Thanks Sreya <3 i too like them bt sadly this one did not turn out to be that great :(

  6. Such a lovely lip swatch Nats <3
    It looks cute and tempting :) but your review halted my urge .. Nice review dear :)

    1. Thank u Vipra <3 .. tempting :p yeahhh but not really worth it actually :/

  7. lovely lip swatch <3
    I have 2-3 lip smoothies from ELLE 18, and there are some non shimmery variants too, you should try them :)

    1. Thank u Rajshree.. :) Yes i wud love to try the others too :) Thanks for stopping by.. <3


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