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Yayyy!! Finally the weekend is here and Friday and Saturday's are the two best days of the week. I am sure most would agree on this :D ..  Today I will review a lip balm I had got long long ago when it was newly launched and was hiding somewhere as I had other lip balms to finish... Lol.. Finally I got hold of it and started using it... Let's see how it fares in my review..

Ingredients: Contains Vitamin E, C and Pro B5 and SPF 10 ( No idea about the complete list as I disposed the packaging.

Price : Rs. 140/- for 4.8g

The lip balm comes in a cute packaging of pale pink and white. All the details are mentioned on the cover itself and the manufacturing and expiry date at the bottom of the tube.The cap click locks hence you can carry it with you in your purse everyday. The tube is sturdy.

This lip balm is tinted, a light pink glossy color.It contains swirls of pink and white which make it attractive and different from other lip balms. This lip balm reminds me of a lipstick from Avon which has the same swirls (marble) effect. It does not cover pigmentation on the lips as it is sheer but the color atleast lightens the lips which I like. This lip balm can be used on its own or can be layered upon your lipstick for added shine and moisturization. The lip balm has a pleasant mild smell of Cranberry and Raspberry which won't bother anyone. It has a lovely smooth consistency just like most Nivea lip balms and has a slight taste to it which is OK to my liking. What I like is that is neither too runny nor too thick like some lip balms. It does not leave any white cast on the lips. It lasts for 2 hours or so just like any other lip balm. It definitely makes your lips soft and smooth as it claims and it contains SPF which is an added advantage to it. Most Nivea lip balms tend to melt if the weather is hot, hence you may have to store it in your fridge to keep it intact.

Available everywhere even online.
Cute packaging.
Contains SPF.

Tendency to melt in hot weather.
Does not cover pigmentation on lips.

Rating : 4/5

Overall I find this lip balm decent  and does its job well. It moisturizes and gives a hint of color. I would recommend you try it if you have not.

I hope my review was helpful to all those who read it. I would love reading your comments.

Happy Weekend

DISCLAIMER: The product has been purchased with my own money and my opinions are always honest. My review is based on my experience with the product. Please note what may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa.


  1. i have this n really like it :) esp the fragrance :)

  2. i have this! i used this so many times and love it! <3 :D great review

  3. I have soft rose version. Will try it next. Nice review dear!

    1. Thank U Megha.. Yes u must try this :D

  4. I love your LOTD Natasha Nice review :)

  5. I havent tried this yet, will try it now:) nice review

    1. U must try it Sugandha.. its amazing .. Thank u :)

  6. Lovely LOTD Nats .. I just have shifted my loyal from Baby Lips to Bloom - Now you are tempting to shift it once again ;)

    1. Thankies Vipra.. u cn never have too many lip balms.. Lol... u must give it a try :D

  7. Nice review nats. ..lovely LOTD ♥


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