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I hope everyone is doing great and monsoons are making you all happy. I am back with a lipstick review from Eyetex Dazzler from their basic range called Lip Pink in no 007, sounds like James Bond right.... Lol :p  Let's see how much I like it in my review. Read on...

Ingredients: Not mentioned.

Price: I got it for around 75 bucks

Quantity: 4g

The lipstick comes in a boring maroon and gold packaging. The cap does not click lock. Hence overtime it may get a bit loose and come off. This is one of their most basic variant of lipsticks. As I checked their website I got to know that they have revamped the look of their products in terms of packaging atleast. I do not know if it is available here from the place I usually buy as it is quite far from my place. May be the Chennai beauties would know?? 

The lipstick is a plumy pink shade. It is pink mixed with purple. The lipstick does contain shimmer but nothing that may bother my lips.It glides on smoothly on the lips and 2 to 3 swipes are sufficient for an opaque coverage. This shade is good for me as I have pigmented lips. I usually don't wear these kind of shades. I am more of a n*de and pink lipstick person, but once in a while I do like to try something new.Especially after I started blogging I like to experiment with different shades of lipsticks.  In the lip swatches I have used the lipstick directly from the tube without any lip liner or lip balm on top of it. The lipstick is moisturizing yet those having dry lips should use a lip balm first. The lipstick does have a nice smell but is a bit strong, hence it may be not liked by some. It has average staying power and lasts for 3 hours or so without meals in between.

Nice color pay off.
Variety of shades in different finishes available.

Not easily available everywhere.
Smell may be an issue with some.
No ingredient list mentioned.
Average staying power.
Boring packaging.

Rating- 3.5/5

I find this lipstick good considering the price and the color will suit all skin tones.But, I am not sure if this lipstick may be available or not because the brand has revamped their range and if this shade is still there what would be the number :( Since I had already wrote this review I decided to post it. Any Chennai beauties can update me about this would be absolutely awesome.

I hope my review made sense to all those reading and you did find it helpful. Please feel free to share your views.


DISCLAIMERThe above product has been purchased with my own money and my opinions are honest as always. Please note I am not a make up expert, hence what may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. The review is solely based on my experience with the product.

Those interested in checking their website may go to http://www.eyetex.com/


  1. loved the lip swatch Natasha :)

  2. Wow awesome LOTD I loved it on you Natasha <3

    1. Thank u Radha.. m glad u liked it :D <3

  3. Looking beautiful on ur lips Natasha!

  4. aha !!! my kind of shade..beautiful lip swatch dear <3
    nice review

  5. he he i knw dear ;) Thank u :D <3

  6. Beautiful Shade. Looks good on you :)

    1. Thank u Arpita, m glad u liked it :)

  7. Beautiful lipstick ! I love the shade and it look great on u !! im a new follower i hope u can check out my beauty blog britters89.blogspot.com

    1. I am glad u liked it.....Thanks for stopping by and following.. sure I shall follow u :)

  8. Lovely lip swatch Nats <3 .. Shade is very pretty :)

  9. Very pretty Lip swatch Natasha! The color looks really good on you... :)

  10. except for dryness eytex dazzler lippies have attractive shades

    1. I don't find them dry to be honest .. they are gr8 fr the price :)


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