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Hope you are having a nice and cool weekend. Finally it has been raining from the past 2 days here in Mumbai  and the weather is so nice and cool now. :) I am here to share with you a lipstick review from the brand Eyetex. Their range of color cosmetics is the Dazzler range. All the Chennai beauties would be aware of this brand  :) The lipstick is called Lip Prince no 009. Let's see in my review how good this lipstick is.

Price: I got it for 72/- bucks in Mumbai. It doesn't cost more than 100 bucks!! 

Quantity : 4g

Shelf life and Ingredients: not mentioned. (They should mention, isn't it :/ ?)

The lipstick comes in a boring maroon and gold packaging. The cap does not click lock. Hence overtime it may get a bit loose and come off. This is one of their most basic variant of lipstick. I am not too sure but their packaging may have changed now. They also have a separate category of lipstick with a golden packaging too and is a bit better looks wise.The lipsticks do have different finishes and have a wide choice of colors to choose from.

The lipstick is a light pink lipstick with fine silver shimmer.If you look at the tube it may appear darker but goes on sheer with shimmer of course.Two swipes would be enough to get an opaque finish.If you have dry lips, its a no- no unless you exfoliate your lips well.The lipstick is smooth on application but if over applied as  in 2 to 3 swipes you may start feeling the glitter on the lips after some time. Also the lipstick does not leave a stain but while taking off the lipstick, the glitter may show up even outside the lips.The lipstick has average staying power and may survive for 2 to 3 hours.It has a floral scent to it which some may or may not like.However I find it ok to my liking. I have used it for quite sometime and can say it is an average lipstick.

Wide variety of shades.
Different finishes.
Trusted and known brand.


Not a friend of dry lip beauties.
Brand may or may not be available everywhere.
The fragrance may be an issue with some.
No Ingredients list.

Rating: 2.5/5

I have been using Eyetex Dazzler for few years now. Their products are reasonably good.But sometimes they may be a hit or a miss. I would not recommend this to anyone unless you are a shimmer fan. :p

I hope my  review was helpful to all those reading it.Please feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion.


Disclaimer: The above product has been purchased with my own money and my opinions are honest as always. Please note I am not a make up expert, hence what may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. The review is solely based on my experience with the product.


  1. Bit poor in quality but looks nice on you Natasha...Nice Review :)

  2. Pretty color! Wish could have been without shimmer.
    Your lip swatches are pretty Natasha.:)

    1. I agree with u Niesha.. Thank u dear :)

  3. Ohhhh so bad this lovely shade has shimmers. But its looking pretty on ur pouts Natasha :)

  4. yeah i also wish it had no shimmer :/ Thank u Megha <^-^>

  5. I am loving the Lip Swatch Nats :D Looks beautiful on you :D

    Do visit my blog someday :) www.IndianBeautyCenter.Blogspot.Com

    1. ohh yes i do visit ur blog and comment many a times as well.. Thank u Arpita :D

  6. shimmer is what is putting off in such a pretty pink..just try using it on top of a matte lippi t add shine when needed Nats;)

    1. yes.. wish there was no shimmer.. that's a good idea Nids ... Thank u :)

  7. beautiful shade nats..i love shimmery lipsticks a lot...lovely lip swatches :)
    nice review dear

    1. Thank u Tej.. ur the first person who says i like shimmery lipsticks :P


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