Audrey's Make up brush - ANGULAR BLENDER

Hello lovelies,
I hope the week is going well so far for everyone. My today's review is no lipstick or nail paint but a make up brush. The brush I shall talk about is from the Audrey's make up brushes line and it is their ANGULAR BLENDER BRUSH. I have had this brush for almost 6 to 8 months  now. Audrey makes all kind of make up brushes and with every brush you get a small leaflet which mentions the details of all the brushes they sell. Let's see how much I like it this in this review.

Price: Rs.55 /- but I got it for a discount at Rs.40/-

What does the company say

 The brush has a wooden handle which is black in color. The company's name and the type of brush is printed on the brush itself. You also get it in a maroon variant. The brush handle has a golden color. The bristles are extremely soft and is cruelty free. Usually the angular brush from other companies are quite small but this is double the size. I use it on the area between the brow bone and the eye socket to apply the transition color and then blend that shade with the same brush. It can be used to highlight the brow bone, fill in your eye brows and can even be used to soften your pencil eye liner. Vow!!  isn't that amazing  :D

I have been using it for quite sometime and honestly have no issues with it. It is so affordable and versatile and hence is a must for eye make up lovers. I have washed it a couple of times and I have not had any issue with shedding of the brush hair. They are intact.

Easily available in major cities.
Available on most shopping websites.
Cruelty free - no animal hair.
Smooth application.
Good quality.
Very affordable.

To be honest there is nothing I can criticize about this brush.

Rating : 5/5

By my review above you may have already guessed how versatile the brush is. For 55 bucks you cannot ask for anything more. I highly recommend this brush to all eye make up lovers.

I hope my review was helpful to all. Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions.



  1. gooood morning darl :* :D great review as usual! u know, i was checking this one out in online shopping sites for quite some time :)

    1. Thank u :-* this is a nice and affordable brush bt now toh u have a shop :p

  2. Wow sounds very good Nice Review Natasha :)

    1. Thank u Radha.. u must try it some day!!

  3. cons
    great review nats..:)

    1. Thank u Tej... yes i like this brush a lot :D

  4. This is great grab on price it offers.. :D nice review nats :)

    1. Thank u Vipra... yes do give it a try :D

  5. I tried the Audrey eye shadow applicator and it was just fab at the price.
    I will try this one now. Nice review dear!

    1. Ohh yes Audrey has some good make up brushes... Thank u Niesha :)

  6. Replies
    1. Check, flipkart and amazon they have audrey's brushes.. not sure if they stock this one


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