Liebster blog award from Radha Krishnakumar of Indian Beauty Zone :)

Hello everyone,

I was excited to see that I received an award from my blogger friend Radha Krishnakumar from . This is my second award and I am really happy. Awards and rewards always motivate you to do  better. I like the simplicity of Radha as a blogger and most of the products she reviews I can always relate to them. And I don't say this because she gave me the award though.

Eleven things about myself:

1.  I am born and brought up in Mumbai.
2.  I am a baptized Christian not a Gujarati. 
3.  An emotional fool.
4.  I may appear to be quiet but I am a very funny person :p My jokes are always situational.
5.  A good immitator of people.
6.  I am a true Arian, so u cannot win an arguement with me :p Lol
7.  I love make up but many a times i go w/o anything on my face when i go out ;)
8.  My favourite food is Dhokla. anytime :D
9.  I am very generous and most of the time unhappy because of it... wanna change though :p
10. I love animals and birds - dogs and cats especially.
11. I am a good dancer from childhood. Dancing makes me happy :)

My answers to Radha's questions:

1. What is your favorite skin care brand?
Ans: Himalaya because it is affordable and available everywhere.I am too simple na :p

2. What is your favorite Cosmetics brand?
Ans. Hard to mention one - Colorbar and Maybelline.

3. What is your wish list for makeup?
Ans. My wish list is endless.. hahaha.. but lipsticks from Colorbar and eye tattoos from maybelline are on my wish list.

4. What is your favorite Food?
Ans. Dhokla anytime.. :D my granny makes the most amazing dhoklas

5. What is favorite outfit style?
Ans. Simple and presentable. I am not fashion conscious at all and wear whatever i am comfortable in.

6. Who is your makeup guru?
Ans. There are two - gossmakeupartist and emilynoel83 on youtube  are the ones i have been following from years.

7. Have you done makeup to anybody?
Ans. I have not tried my skills on anyone so far. Lol.. I still need to learn a lot.

8. What do you like from me most?
Ans. The simplicity in all your reviews and your friendly nature.

9. What do you don't like from me most?
Ans. Can't think of as i don't know u personally.(not being diplomatic haa...)

10. What kind of makeup do you like for night time outings?
Ans. Believe it or not i don't go out for any night time outings.. But if I had to a nice dark blue smokey eye for sure and nude lips.

11. Makeup tips from you for us???
Ans. I believe in the KISS formula - Keep it simple Sweetheart  .. don't put so much of make up and make it so artificial that the day u don't put any make up, people ask you are you ok ???...  :D hehehe [this happened with a colleague of mine in office ;)]

I may not be able to tag others for this award as I just know a few people and most of them are already tagged by Radha. There is always a next time :)

I like these kind of posts. It really makes you think and also everyone can know you  better. My answers are honest as always.

Love and Regards,


  1. Thank you so much Natasha... and congrats for the award :)
    Nice to know about you more :D

  2. Loved reading the post Natasha. Nice to know more about you. Congrats!

    1. Thankies Megha.. u shud also do one.. its fun !!! :D

  3. Congrats on the award Natasha :)
    I love Dhoklas a lottttttt! :D

    1. Thank u dear.. that's great one more dhokla fan!!! ;)

  4. Congrats Natasha.:) Even I am also an emotional fool. think from my heart when it comes to people and use brains only for


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