Avon simply pretty - Long Lash Waterproof Mascara

Hey ladies,

Thank God its Friday.... Yahoo !!!! I'm sure everyone is excited about the weekend. Today I would like to share with you a review of a mascara. It is the Avon simply pretty - Long Lash Waterproof Mascara in Black . I am a Avon fan to be honest simply because in my opinion their products are affordable and the quality is good. However all Avon products may not be upto the mark as I shall share with you in my future reviews sometime.

What Avon says: Get naturally longer looking lashes all day! Contains Avon's special blend of polymers and wax technology which makes lashes look longer while keeping it soft and supple. Water proof and smudge proof formula. Easy to use brush lifts up your lashes naturally.

Price : Original price is Rs. 299/- for 7g but I got it for an offer price of Rs.199/-

The Mascara comes in their signature pink packaging of the Simply Pretty Collection. Nothing fancy or great. I checked the ingredient list but the print is very tiny  and there is a big sticker stuck on it. Grrrrrrrr. Since I have been using it for a while I can say its safe for the eyes and I have never had any issues so far. The wand is simple, nothing really great considering that other brands have even more fancy wands. However having said all of the above the mascara is a nice everyday mascara with 2 coats you are good to go. It makes my sleepy eyes and eye lashes awake which I like. I was  not a big mascara fan until I realised that it can make my eyes look pretty... Lol :D

It is a water proof and smudge proof formula and I say this with personal experience as I have the habit of rubbing my eyes and yet it seems to stay in place all day. So no complaints in that department. It also does not clump which is good.

Simple packaging.
Formula is good.
Water proof and smudge proof.
Does not clump.

Can only be obtained through an Avon representative.
The ingredient list is not clear :/
The wand could have been better.

Overall I would say that it is a good affordable mascara for daily wear especially for women who work in office and you have to keep the look simple. This mascara does its job well for the price.I would like to try some other mascara  now considering there are so many options in the market. Will definitely keep this as an option too. I would suggest that one should give this a try.

Rating : 4/5

I hope this review was helpful to all those reading it. Let me know if you have tried this mascara and how do you find it. Also which mascara should I try in the future.

Happy Weekend everyone :)

DISCLAIMER : The product has been purchased with my own money and i am not affiliated with Avon or been paid to review this. Neither I am a make up expert. These are my own honest opinions.


  1. Difference is indeed visible....Nice review Natasha!

  2. Thanks dear u must give it a try... :)

  3. Glad i was able to help u Aps ... thanks fr commenting :D

  4. ive never tried avon stuff:) this looks great yar :)
    n great blog:) following u now on GFC:)

  5. Yes Poorva u must give it a try for the price... Thanksss m glad u liked my blog :) <3

  6. Wow this looks like a really nice product! Nice review :)
    Happened to come across your blog and love your posts, I'm a fan of Avon and Oriflame too! Following you now :)

  7. Thank u dear..... glad u stopped by my blog... for the price u must give it a try if u haven't... i am following ur blog too... :)

  8. Wow that's an amazing effect. Did you curl your lashes? They've really opened up in the second pic.
    My Beauty Junction

  9. ohh yes dear Thankssss :) <3 .. i have to curl my lashes... i have hopeless lashes hence mascara and eyelash curler is a must.... :)


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