VOV soft matte lip cream in no. 11

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Hope you guys are having a great week so far. My today's post is a review of the VOV soft matte lip cream in no .11. VOV is a Korean brand as far as I know and they always come up with something unique or may be a dupe for affordable prices. As make up lovers you would know that NYX was the first to launch these, a one of a kind product. Its current price is Rs. 750/- which is way too much in my opinion considering that it is a drugstore brand in the US.

VOV has a big market in India considering that they are cheap and affordable to many. There are many fake VOV products too :(  I purchased this almost 6 months back. You get these for Rs. 150/- for 6.5 ml. I got these from Beauty Shop in Mumbai.

What the company says : Its not a lipstick nor is it a gloss. It's like nothing you've experienced before. It's lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte.

Ingredients :

The best part i found out is that its cruelty free and hypoallergenic... :D

The above swatches are taken without any lip balm underneath.

It comes in a normal packaging with a black cap and a doe foot applicator.It is a soft matte baby pink shade very appropriate for day time.It smells like vanilla ice cream :) It is best for college students and office goers. The lasting power is 2 to 3 hours depending if you have eaten something in between. When applied its very creamy, but I suggest that you apply a lipbalm and exfoliate your lips before you apply it  because it goes on silky but then turns matte. And a matte formula lipstick always tends to settle in the fine lines of the lips.

Pros of VOV soft matte lip cream in no. 11:
Beautiful shade.
Unique formula.
Does not contain parabens.
Available in a variety of shades.

Cons of VOV soft matte lip cream in no. 11:
Not easily available in small towns and cities.
Not available online.
Settles in fine lines of the lips.
Not moisturising.
Not long lasting.

Rating : 3.5/5

Final say : It is a great product for the price. Only if you are a fan of matte lipstick you must buy this or if you can work it out by using a lip balm before hand. I will not recommend these to those who have chapped lips.

Hope you guys liked my review. Please share your valuable opinions also if you have tried this product before.



  1. Shade is so pretty but i dont like glosses settling in fine lips. great review Natasha :)

  2. same here... i wish it looked as good on the lips than in the tube :/ Thanks fr sharing ur views :)

  3. Nice one Natasha.I don't get these in Chennai

  4. ohhh yes availablility is an issue.. that's the sad part.... now even miss claire has come up wid something similar to this format....if i get one will surely review.. Thanks fr stopping by :)

  5. I want I want..!!!!
    Can you please buuy these for me :?

    email me if you are okay..

    1. i had got these as a gift way long back.. i dnt knw if they are available... if i do knw anything will let u knw.. Thanks

  6. mujhe yeh chahiye! :'( NATsssssssssssssssss :( plz plz plz


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