Oriflame Beauty Eyeliner Stylo - Black

Hey everyone,

Today I would review an eyeliner I have had for quite a while. I have never been an eyeliner person mainly because I do a hopeless job of drawing a neat line. hahaha....There are numerous eyeliners in the market in the form of a pencil, liquid and felt tip ones. This eyeliner is a felt tip one and I am quite satisfied with it in the sense that I am able to draw a neat line using it.

What Oriflame says: Precision applicator delivers lasting colour that dries in seconds. Refreshing, No smudge formula.

There is no mention if the ingredients. It says made in Italy. Considering that Oriflame is a well known brand I do not think twice before buying it.

Original price is Rs.379/- fr 1.6 ml or 1.6 g. In the February 2013 catalogue it is on a special offer for Rs. 249/- :)

Now coming to the review it comes in a nice plastic sketch pen format and the cap closes real tight. Hence it is easy to carry in your bag. It is most convenient for me as I am not comfortable with liquid eyeliners, they take a lot of time to dry too. The color is not very pigmented black in one stroke. You have to run it 3 to 4 times to get a nice desired look which is quite ok with me. You can also achieve a winged eyeliner look using this eyeliner effortlessly.

The claim saying that No smudge formula is true because I tried smudging it with my finger it did not budge. Also I have the habit of rubbing my eyes often, still it does not budge. Hence in my opinion it is the best budget eyeliner which does not smudge. However it is not water proof and immediately smudges when it comes in contact with water as shown in the image above.

Pros of Oriflame Beauty Eyeliner Stylo - Black :
Nice packaging.
Has a tight cap.
Very affordable.
Dries quickly.
Works best for those who are not confident of using liquid eyeliners.
Smudge proof.

Cons of Oriflame Beauty Eyeliner Stylo - Black:
Only available through an Oriflame representative.
Not the blackest felt tip liner.
Its not water proof.

Rating : 4 /5 ( minus .5 for not being waterproof and .5 for not being itense)

My final word: This is a good budget buy eyeliner considering that it does not smudge and dries quickly. It may not be the blackest one but can be worked upon. I would recommend these especially to those who find applying liquid or pencil eyeliners extremely difficult. Yes i will definitely buy this again when I run out of the current one.

Please do leave your valuable and tips and suggestions if you have any in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



  1. Haven't tried anything from Oriflame yet! I love L'Oreal felt tip liner...Its pretty black :)

  2. yeah m sure it is!! i had seen a review on ankita's blog (corallista) the only thing its way too expensive in my opinion.. :( may be will try some day :D ... Thanks fr stopping by....

  3. That remind me its time I get a new eye liner..

    really good review Nats!!!


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