Incolor Glimmer Blusher - 01

Hey girls,

After reviewing lipsticks, glosses, nail paints it was time for a blush review. I was into this phase of just hoarding things, thankfully not anymore because now I am more clear in what I want. Of course being a beauty blogger we may buy things out of impulse which may or may not work for us. Never mind the story we all have the same story i guess right? :D . The blush I will review today is from Incolor cosmetics called Incolor Glimmer Blusher -  01. I was truly attracted to the way it looked in the clear packaging. I truly get mesmerized by lipsticks and blushes whenever I go make up shopping. Lol..... :)

Price : I got this for Rs. 110/- (cheap right :D) which is now increased to 125/- still cheap right?

The price may vary from place to place.But it should be maximum around 250/- i guess.


The blush comes in a normal plastic packaging with a transparent lid so its easy to locate the color in your make up stash. The blush shuts with a sound which means it would not open up even if you are travelling with it. You don't get a brush with it hence you need to have a blush brush.

The color is a gorgeous pink with finely milled shimmer.It comes across as purply light  pink. In my opinion it is the most gorgeous pink blush for the price.The shimmer is not very gritty in this one. It is a bit powdery but still not that bad in my opinion. Now there are tonnes of shades in this brand and some may disappoint and some may prove to be really nice like this shade. The staying power of the blush is 5 hours or more. A little bit goes a long way. Since I have a fair to medium skin tone it really shows up nicely. I use it over a foundation because i have pores on my face and glimmer blushes only tend to exaggerate them. Hence with a foundation it works ok. I have used this blush many times and never had any issues on my skin.

Available in a variety of shades.
Gives a nice glow since it has shimmer to it.
Decent amount of product.
Staying power is good.

Quantity not mentioned.
Not easily available everywhere :(
Contains parabens :/
Exaggerates pores if used without foundation.

Rating:  3.8/5 ( non availability and paraben content)

Overall this is my favourite blush and for that price you cannot expect a lot. Sadly these are not available in small towns and cities as many of my blogger friends tell me.As far as I know it is available online but not all the shades. I may purchase this shade again because I like the color but provided I finish up this one and many others I have ... Lol :D

I hope my review was helpful to all those reading it. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have ever tried Incolor blushes and if yes how was your experience. Till my next review.. Cyaaaa



  1. ohk! u can gift me this one too ;) khikhikhi! jokes apart, really nice and detailed review re :)

  2. gifshh chahiye tere ko...khikhikhi :p .... u like pink blushes na... thanksss <3

  3. Wow super pigmentation Natasha :-)
    Nice swatch pic,i will try peach or coral <3

    1. Yes dear... these are really inexpensive and nice ... u must give it a try fr sure :)

  4. lovely shade... i like these blushes.. they r good.. n price is soo cheap :)

  5. Yep they are very nice for the price Nids... cheap stuff always makes women happy na... Lol


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