Coloressence Premia Lipstick no 101 - Rose Petal Review & Swatches

Hey ladies,
My love for lipstick is never ending and never waste an opportunity to get a new one. I am sure this must be the case for any make up lover. Today I will be reviewing a lipstick from Coloressence. As many would know that Coloressence is a product range manufactured by Nature's Essence which is a skincare, haircare and bodycare brand. I have been aware of this product from the past 4 years as it was available here in Mumbai at the Beauty Centre, Crawford Market. The shade I am going to review is Coloressence Premia Lipstick no 101 - Rose Petal. Read on to know more.......

Coloressence Premia Lipstick no 101 - Rose Petal Review & Swatches

Ingredients: Since I got rid of the box in which it came, i have no idea of the ingredients .But it's a 100% vegetarian lipstick and also hypoallergenic.

Coloressence Premia Lipstick no 101 - Rose Petal Review & Swatches

Price: The original price is Rs.250/- for 4 gm but I got it at a discount for Rs.220/- :D

Coloressence Premia Lipstick no 101 - Rose Petal Review & Swatches

The lip swatches above have been applied without a lipliner, lipbalm or lipgloss.

The lipstick came in a nice silver box which when hits the sunlight does reflect colors of a rainbow.  The lipstick comes in a silver tube and looks nice.The cap closes tight so you can easily carry it in your purse. The shade appears a nice fuschia pink in the tube. Now depending on the pigmentation of your lips it could be a hot pink or subtle pink. It does contain shimmer which is not gritty and  gives a nice sheen to the lips, but overtime it could settle in the fine lips of your lips if they are chapped and dry. At the end of the day when you remove your lipstick the shimmer does tend to show on your lips and sometimes around it. The lipstick is moisturising and stays on the lips for 3 hours or so without any meal in between. I love the smell of the lipstick. It smells like rose water. :)

The Good:
Stylish packaging.
Nice shade.
Easily available everywhere if not online.

The not so Good:
Shimmer - i would have prefered no shimmer.
The smell may be a concern for some.

Rating : 3.8/5

Overall I find the lipstick nice. It does look good, has a good color pay off and is decently priced.I just wish it did not have shimmer. I would not buy this shade again but will give the other shades a try for sure.

I hope you found my review helpful. Do comment if you have tried any of these or you have any questions for me :)



  1. Nice review Natasha. Shade is so pretty but since it settles in fine lines I would give this a pass.

    1. Thanks Megha .. the shade is not that bad... shimmer is the only problem in my opinion .....


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