Avon Simply Pretty Juicy Shine Lipgloss - Ripe Strawberry

Hey everyone,

My review today is a lip gloss from the Avon range called Avon Simply Pretty Juicy Shine Lip gloss. It comes in 4 shades : Luscious Cherry, Grape Shine, Sparkling Dates and Ripe Strawberry. The shade I will review today is Ripe Strawberry. I have been an Avon user for many years now and any new product has to be purchased by me especially lipsticks. This one of  the many purchases I made a few months back when they were newly launched. Last month it was given free on some special offer. This month this gloss doesn't feature in the latest catalogue though.

Price : Rs. 215 for 7g. However these are sold for a lesser price when there is any special offer.

There is no mention of ingredients but it is 100% vegetarian also Avon does not test on animals.

The  lip swatch above  is without a lip liner or lip balm underneath and pictures have been taken in normal daylight.

The lip gloss resembles a lollipop and comes with a normal doe foot applicator. It is nice and tiny and can fit even in the smallest purses. It is not a pigmented gloss but gives a nice pink shine to the lips. In the tube the color seems pigmented and a nice pink shade  but not when applied on lips especially my kind of pigmented lips. It is a clear gloss with a hint of pink. The nice part is that it is not sticky however doesn't last for long either. It can be used over any pink lipstick to give a nice glossy finish . The gloss does smell and taste sweet.

Pros of Avon Simply Pretty Juicy Shine Lipgloss  - Ripe Strawberry:
Travel friendly and cute packaging.
Good quantity.
Not sticky.
Apt for college students who don't want much color on the lips.
Tastes nice.

Cons of Avon Simply Pretty Juicy Shine Lipgloss  - Ripe Strawberry:

Expensive if not on special offer.
No color pay off.
Won't work as a gloss alone for those with pigmented lips.
The taste and smell may be a problem for some as it is sweet.
Not sure of the availability in the future.

My rating: 3.5/5

In conclusion this is a pretty gloss. I would not purchase it again even if it is featured again in the catalogue for the simple reason being its not pigmented to my liking. I would recommend this to college girls who don't wear lipsticks and just want a nice lip gloss with a hint of color on the lips.

I hope this review is helpful to all those reading it. These are my own honest opinions and I am in no way affiliated with any company for the review.

Please feel free to leave your valuable suggestions and comments and I will get back to them as soon as I can.



  1. Looking lovely on our lips Natasha but i think this shade would wash me out.
    The packaging is super cute. I haven't seen glosses in bottles :)

  2. Thanksss....gloss in bottles.... hihihi.... wish the gloss was pigmented though... :/

  3. I've been eyeing this for a long tym never got one.. I kinda had an intuition this wouldn't me pigmented.thinking of trying the cherry one

    1. ur right Amrin... these are not pigmented.. quite disappointing actually... if u try the cherry one do lemme knw... :)


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