Eyetex Dazzler Nail Enamel Nail Glitter Shade D22

Hey everyone,

After 2 lipstick posts I thought I would share a review of a beautiful shade I own from Eyetex Dazzler. Eyetex may be a brand not known to many, but for me I am no stranger. Eyetex was a company who only made kajals and sindoors when the company started which was many years ago. Overtime they felt the need to introduce their line of cosmetics called DAZZLER which has lipstick, glosses, compact, kajal and even eyeshadow quads. This is a company based in Chennai but may be available in many parts of the country. In Mumbai it is largely available at Beauty Centre and Beauty Palace at Crawford Market.

The shade I am talking about today is D22 which i got for 40- 45 bucks (12ml). Its actual price is Rs. 50/- Its a nice big sized bottle with a champagne colour top. The brush is decent.

The shade is a gorgeous hot pink which really took my heart away. So I instantly picked it up. There were even more gorgeous colours like dark navy blue, nude shade etc. i think they have 3 ranges of nail polishes. The product says Eyetex Dazzler Nail Glitter. The strange part is that I did not find any glitter in the polish :D

The only problem with this nail polish is that you have to apply atleast 2 coats for an opaque finish which is quite ok with me. I have applied the shade without any base coat or top coat. With a top coat it should last for a week or so. it  may chip in 2 to 3 days without a topcoat depending on how much you put your hand in water.

Pros of Eyetex Dazzler Nail Enamel Nail Glitter Shade D22:
Nice selection of shades.
Good quality.
Trusted brand.
Value for money.

Cons of Eyetex Dazzler Nail Enamel Nail Glitter Shade D22:
May not be easily available.

My rating: 4.5/5

Overall I love this nail paint and definitely will try some other shades too. Do let me know if you have tried any of their polishes.



  1. i love dazzler nail polishes! :D i got the BLOOD RED one for my sister's wedding and totally loved it :) this is a great shade too

  2. yep me too love Dazzler ... glad u liked my review Aps :)

    1. i love the look of ur blog nats! :) its neat and clean ekdum... <3

  3. i have yellow ,blue ,pink,purple and clear polish of eyetex

  4. colour is so pretty on very nice blog im following you
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